Short Torso Body Sculpting
 Special Feature by Teresa Tapp

Advanced Hoe-downs - Trim Tummy and Torso

Beginning Position: Start with weight on left leg ("KLT") and arms extended as shown in photo with palms rotated forward.

Count 1: Lift right knee chest high with pointed toe.
Form Check: keep fanny tucked as you lift knee and maintain "KLT" with left knee. Keep shoulders back and upper body straight. Weak abdominal muscles can cause upper body to tilt forward as right knee lifts.

Count 2 Extend right foot diagonally across body reaching past left hip and shoulder. Upper body tilts to maintain correct alignment for right shoulder, hip, and knee.

Form Check: Keep "KLT" with left knee!

Count 3: Pull right knee up and across body to right shoulder in diagonal as upper body returns to upright position (this is not easy!). Tighten tummy as you pull knee across body.

Form Check: Don;t tilt upper body forward, keep fanny tucked, and keep left "KLT".

Count 4 Drop right knee until toe touches floor.

Form Check: Maintain "KLT" position with left leg!

Repeat sequence for total of 10 reps with right knee. Now repeat same sequence but with left knee lifting and extending across body 10 times. Finish with one more set of 10 reps using right leg and then 10 reps using left leg for a total of 2 sets.

Form Check: Keep upper body in upright position (shoulders back) at all times, keep supportive knee bent with "KLT".