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Contest Winners

If you are listed as a winner in one of our drawings below, please e-mail your selection with name and mailing address to Customer Service.

New! January 10th
Annette Regier, Jessica Ray, Kelly Hamill, Lisa Foster, Wanda Wagner, Carolyn Miller, Laura Tysor, Lachelle Green, Lisa Tucker, Loretta Holsomback

December 30th
Amy Rich, Carolyn Miller, Cecelia Barriere, Jennifer Weaver, Sherri Graber, Jessica Furlan, Kim O'Drain, Melissa Timm, Michela Ceruti, Sharon Gingerich

December 20th
Ann Weihe, Greta Simpson, Luz Gaona, Sharron Long, Trisha White, Amy Taraboletti-Shannon, Coralyn Miller, Karen Trame, Linda Hopkins, Shannon Fox

December 10th
Brooke Fiorenza, Christina Cote, Debbie Ryals, Kavita Gandhi, Sarah Bye, Amy DeHaven, Carolyn Bacon, Jennifer Lorenzen, Racheal Lobermann, Rae Wright

November 30th
Jose Reid, Linda Townsend, Norma Robles, Patty Evans, Sarah Simon, Billie Starr, Charity Greene, Cindy Ha, Leslie Blau, Stephenie Hovland

November 20th
Gena Marais, Jodie Grondin, Maria Jones, Merelyn Worthy, Tammy Peterson, Becky Andreas, Collette Gerber, Jane Horning, May Glaze, Sue Joos

November 10th
Adriane Kerr, Heather Jurrens, Jessica Hazen, Karen Stark, Sara Knutson, Donna Aase, Jackie Ledford, Jen Maggard, Marsha Robinson, Michelle Lewis

October 30th
Betsy Bradley, Janis Price, Kim Brown, Michelle Gritter, Teri Stephens, Beth Moody, Collette Gerber, Kathy Berthea, Leah Strmiska, Lynn Fox

October 20th
Caroline Tice, Celeste Massoth, Jodi Beall, Kay Vanatta, Linda Fugleberg, Amy Taraboletti-Shannon, Carroll Hill, Holly Mitchell, Kathy Lee, Kimm Ward

October 10th
Claire Billingsley, Kathy Mark, Leah Strmiska, Leanne de la Pena, Shawn Deitelbaum, Jessica Roberts, Jocelyn Holley, Marjorie Dunaway, Melissa Thevenin, Valerie Jones

September 30th
Ann Dunklau, Juanita Cassel, Karen Wicker, Missy Gardiner, Valerie Jones, AshleyRose Waltner, Jocelyn Flenders, Lynda Cogan, Melissa Marland, Sarah Stinnett

September 20th
Diane Schlaak, Kate Faulk, Kerry Malone, Patti Weta, Vanetta Stephens, Barbara Stouffer, Beth Moody, Charlyne Crucitt, Lucy Hurst, Mary Atkins

September 10th
Janet Dawson, Kayla Pierce, Stephanie Bell, Susan Szymanski, Tammy Owen, Caroline Jam, Chris Kennedy, Grace Gomez, Joan Quahliero, Mary Martin

August 30th
Darci Macklem, Gabrielle Bliss, Karen Wicker, Kim Kantrow, Maureen Hyzer, Al Dobko, Alycia Frederick, Joann Drago, Louise Phetteplace, Melissa Marland

August 20th
Helene Atkinson, Jean Poholsky, Jessica Nicklos, Melanie Shulfer, Misty Campbell, Alyson Archambeau, Anita Powers, Emily Foster, Karen Royse, Tamara Heram

August 10th
Anna Yekhanina, Jaci Russo, Jaimie Jackman, Rebekah Kuehlman, Tina Langdale, Carla Long, Claudia Williams, Geoff Todhunter, Susan Smithey, Tonya Pope

July 30th
Audrey Luna, Cate Strehlow, Jessica Felton, Melanie Downey, Ste Kinney-Fields, Christine Richardson, Helena Wald, Laela French, Nita Desrosiers, Patricia White

July 20th
Jacinta Mays, Karen Brown, Laura Chamberlain, Lorette Moyer, Shawna Gilbreath, Eunice Roman, Fran Petrey, Michele Hazelwood, Sharon Briggs, Tanya Roach

July 10th
Donna Lema, Johanna Shea, Lisa Sheldon, Samantha Stillman, Stephanie Osborn, Camilla Meeks, Emily Lucius, Jeannie Anderson, Kristi Rice, Terri Kowalczyk

June 30th
Amyjean Silling, Chris Gwinn, Jean Neumann, Kathy Hand, Mary Shattuck, Cathy Price, Eadie Bridges, LeighAnn Heil, Maura Kuchta, Ruthie Callender

June 20th
Ashley Jass, Deana Drschiwiski, Karen Craddock, Marie Cecil, Rosemary Falconi, Janet Pierce, Jennifer Gunter, Karen Craddock, Maureen Straight, Pat Graham

June 10th
Dianne Trosclair, Eileen Wetli, Jenesse Davis, Jodi McGhee, Valerie Axelsen, Alice Ritson, Arlene Morales, Gail Robertson, Kassie Day, Maureen Calney

Please email your selection with name and mailing address to or place your order by phone 1-877-TAPP-FIT.



What You Won

Each contest winner in our latest drawing receives one of the following of their choice FREE. Winners outside the United States must pay half of the shipping expenses. TappCore Contest Winners receive a free TappCore DVD only, but may also take advantage of the bonus offer available below.

Regular Contest Winners may choose between:

TappCore DVD (Retail Value $19.95)
Fundamental fitness program designed to help the body improve strength, flexibility, and healthy heart function. Each exercise is taught in detail and then offered without instruction. Learn basic T-Tapp techniques to maximize activation of your muscles to strengthen your joints and spine for preventative fitness and wellness. TappCore exercises also help balance left brain/right brain function and improve mind-to-muscle connection. It's a great way to sneak in exercise throughout the day when you don't have time or space. Do one movement at a time or combine several together for a mini-workout. TappCore exercises include: Butterflies, Triceps Curls, Shoulders, Chest Press, Hoe Downs, Spine Stretch, Balance, Chair and Walking Sequence.

Step it to the Max - Walking Workout DVD (Retail Value $24.95)
Are you ready to take yourself to the next level using T-Tapp walking techniques? This 50-minute walking workout contains more upper body movements and step/lift sequencing for increased core-cardio concentration. In addition to detailed instruction with form tips, Step it to the Max also includes T-Tapp warm up and cool down stretches for comprehensive conditioning. Equivalent to walking about 5 miles! Remember, fat burning continues through stretching and with Step it to the Max you'll feel the heat from start to finish!

TappCore 2 - Sit Down Workout DVD (Retail Value $10.00)
TappCore "Hoe Down Showdown" winners join Teresa to teach a new sit down workout that can be done in the classroom, at home or even at work so everyone can fit in fitness during the day. This 12-minute workout can help you to fit in fitness throughout your day with fantastic results!

Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness Seminar DVD (Retail Value $21.95)

Previously only available for purchase on public television's Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness pledge drive series, the Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness explains the connection between physical fitness, brain fitness and balanced hormones. This hour-long program features internationally known fitness expert and muscle activation specialist Teresa Tapp, along with the country's leading thyroid patient advocate, Mary Shomon.