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Contest Winners

If you are listed as a winner in one of our drawings below, please e-mail your selection with name and mailing address to Customer Service.

New! April 30th
Carol McMillen, Chrissie Wallingford, Kathy Hahn, Malia Kaanoi, Molly Cypkin, Annu Aras, Elke Wollschon, Karen Young, Leslie Rucker, Nadia Patterson

April 20th
Jacquie Keyes, Keri Wash, Lisa Craff, Mary Blatz, Stacy Fontenot, Amanda Peachey, Chrissie Wallingford, Colleen Wogen, Lana Hansen, Sarah Rodriguez

April 10th
Cassie Glade, Hyo Bushway, Lin Bowers, Renee Larum, Tonia Ebersole, Catherine Young, Dorothy Baca, Julia Stone, Phoebe Fontenot, Syble Schult

March 30th
Amy Borla, Chris Clark, Grace Delp, Laura Chamberlain, Toni Kellen, Amy Borla, Emily Beachy, Jayne Bowd, Linda Chalupa, Mary Webb

March 20th
Anna Szyszkiewicz, Carol Briscoe, Karen Roney, Kitty Rogers, Rhonda Atkins, Ana Cole, Colleen Arsenault, Heather Greenbaum, Jessica Strom, Kathryn Calabria

March 10th
Cindy Zondervan,Lisa Stevens, Lynda Seiler, Marie St. John, Nia Fisher, Edie Carey, Janelle Hofstetter, Lauretta Smythe, Lenora Langley, Lisa Capodice

February 28th
Cheri Anrig, Cindy Burns, Kristi Rice, Penny Kuntzman, Wendy Wilkinson, Ellen Contard, Jamie Moberg, Jon Michaels, Patricia Duke, Penny Kuntzman

February 20th
Angela Pimentel, Dawn Wimer, Emilie Chase, Jamie Adams, Stacy Whitaker, Becky Myers, Deborah Gonzalez, Robin Stepan, Shelly Leen, Tanya Ruhling

February 10th
Angela Funck, Cheri Grayson, Julie Cheek, Marta Dobos, Stephany Miller, Amy Arthur, AshleyRose Waltner, Caryn Sucharski, Karen Wicker, Sarah Newman

January 20th
Carol Harris, Katherine Kurowski, Lori Claxton, Shannon Nalbone, Trish Townsend, Amanda Simmons, Diane Marshall, Gloria Birdow, Jennifer Klein, Lisa Sucharski

January 30th
Annemaraie Rawlinson, Anni Welborne, Carmen Magargee, Denise Thress, Maureen Connelly, Debbie Musto, Karen Trame, Kim Krzyzewski, Paula Peters, Serena Maughan

January 10th
Annette Regier, Jessica Ray, Kelly Hamill, Lisa Foster, Wanda Wagner, Carolyn Miller, Laura Tysor, Lachelle Green, Lisa Tucker, Loretta Holsomback


Please email your selection with name and mailing address to or place your order by phone 1-877-TAPP-FIT.



What You Won

Each contest winner in our latest drawing receives one of the following of their choice FREE. Winners outside the United States must pay half of the shipping expenses. TappCore Contest Winners receive a free TappCore DVD only, but may also take advantage of the bonus offer available below.

Regular Contest Winners may choose between:

TappCore DVD (Retail Value $19.95)
Fundamental fitness program designed to help the body improve strength, flexibility, and healthy heart function. Each exercise is taught in detail and then offered without instruction. Learn basic T-Tapp techniques to maximize activation of your muscles to strengthen your joints and spine for preventative fitness and wellness. TappCore exercises also help balance left brain/right brain function and improve mind-to-muscle connection. It's a great way to sneak in exercise throughout the day when you don't have time or space. Do one movement at a time or combine several together for a mini-workout. TappCore exercises include: Butterflies, Triceps Curls, Shoulders, Chest Press, Hoe Downs, Spine Stretch, Balance, Chair and Walking Sequence.

Step it to the Max - Walking Workout DVD (Retail Value $24.95)
Are you ready to take yourself to the next level using T-Tapp walking techniques? This 50-minute walking workout contains more upper body movements and step/lift sequencing for increased core-cardio concentration. In addition to detailed instruction with form tips, Step it to the Max also includes T-Tapp warm up and cool down stretches for comprehensive conditioning. Equivalent to walking about 5 miles! Remember, fat burning continues through stretching and with Step it to the Max you'll feel the heat from start to finish!

TappCore 2 - Sit Down Workout DVD (Retail Value $10.00)
TappCore "Hoe Down Showdown" winners join Teresa to teach a new sit down workout that can be done in the classroom, at home or even at work so everyone can fit in fitness during the day. This 12-minute workout can help you to fit in fitness throughout your day with fantastic results!

Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness Seminar DVD (Retail Value $21.95)

Previously only available for purchase on public television's Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness pledge drive series, the Healthy Hormones Brain-Body Fitness explains the connection between physical fitness, brain fitness and balanced hormones. This hour-long program features internationally known fitness expert and muscle activation specialist Teresa Tapp, along with the country's leading thyroid patient advocate, Mary Shomon.