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Contest Winners

If you are listed as a winner in one of our drawings below, please e-mail your selection with name and mailing address to Customer Service.

New! November 20th
David Butche, Joyce Davis, Katrina Holte, Rebecca Barthel, Shannon Brown, Cheryl Rushing, Corinne Rust, Kathie Macphee, Rebecca Holt, Regina DeMarco

November 10th
Cindy Helgason, Deb Lyle, Donna Henz, Kim McDonald, Veralisa Waterwall, Janell Kluss, Keisa Williams, Kim Campbell, Lisa Sherwood, Sara Streibick

October 30th
Amber Shannon, Barbosa Linda Ralston, Sandra Kreider, Susan Whitehead, Terry-Ann Cooper, Carmaleta Woods, Carol Okray, Courtney Bramhill, Mary Johnson-Garay, Wendy Stoller

October 20th
Carmen Hershberger, Cynthia Pietras, Deb Sipowicz, Jessica Evans, Marilyn Cunard, Anita Johnson, Connie Fix, Hannah Barringer, Heather Drollinger, Michelle Anderson

October 10th
Ellen Sklar, Heather Crutchfield, Leilani St. Cruz, Meghan Jarosz, Terri Whitehead, Cathy Casper, Jeanne Baus, Mallory Bailey, Mary Bishop, Rosalie Rempel

September 30th
Elaine Mazur, Faye Sailors, Grace Hannon, Pam Suter, Tiffiany Fichtner, Angie Meissner, Jessica Boroughs, Lori Pew, Rose Kerr, Sue Holfeld

September 20th
April Parker, Donna McBride, Jean Shatalow, Lisa Weiland, Sarah Graham, Betsy Bradley, Janet Duff, Kari Thorne, Narelle Galloway, Renee Tull

September 10th
Allycia Radford, Gail Rich, Karen Young, Narelle Galloway, Tami Barber, Christina Kerstan, Courtney Wright, Dana Arenas, Nicole Moore, Sara Knutson

August 30th
Gwendolyn Allen, Linda Mote, Melissa Thevenin, Stephanie Hancock, Stephanie Poghen, Deborah LaRoque, Delicia Beaty, Hope Ellison, Leanne de la Pena, Stephanie Hancock 

August 20th
Lisa Mifsud, Marci Fox, Mary Gilligan, Rosemary Diagonov, Tamara Malone, Lisa Capodice, Mahima Shrestha, Malia Kaanoi, Melissa Oneil, Sophia Hansen 

August 10th
Carol Scovel, Janice Weathersby, Kim Odrain, Pamela Grannell, Peggy Crowe, Marci Fox, Melody Spence, Morgan Walker, Terry Wood, Tiffani Walker 


Please email your selection with name and mailing address to or place your order by phone 1-877-TAPP-FIT.



What You Won

Each contest winner in our latest drawing receives one of the following of their choice FREE. Winners outside the United States must pay half of the shipping expenses. TappCore Contest Winners receive a free TappCore DVD only, but may also take advantage of the bonus offer available below.

Regular Contest Winners may choose between:

T-Tapp Broom DVD (Retail Value $39.95)
105 minute Complete Routine (see sections by clicking here). T-Tapp Broom was filmed at the 2007 Safety Harbor Fitness Retreat, is a total body indoor walking workout that incorporates a household broom to stimulate high end muscle activation for better results. T-Tapp Broom is more than just a workout; it’s like being at a clinic working out with Teresa Tapp herself. Warning: Muscles may quiver as you sweep away those inches!

Hit the Floor Combo
(Retail Value $29.95)
Want variety to add into your T-Tapp Workout routine? Try the Hit the Floor Series! This exceptional DVD is a great introduction to T-Tapp floor workout routines. This DVD is a great value, giving you two workouts for the price of one! In this set you will recieve two separate workout chapters in the menu of one DVD:

1. Hit the Floor (30 minutes) is a super abdominal workout done on the floor using gravity to help pull the organs in and up – cinching in the tummy! Hit the Floor includes various leg movements and stretches that slim the thighs, strengthen the lower back and target the entire abdominal area. Previously rated as the #1 Abdominal Workout by

2. Hit the Floor Softer (37 minutes) is similar to Hit the Floor, but modified for use with weighted shoes. You do not have to use weighted shoes with this workout. Hit the Floor Softer is a great starting workout to use in preparation for Hit the Floor.


Step it to the Max - Walking Workout DVD (Retail Value $24.95)
Are you ready to take yourself to the next level using T-Tapp walking techniques? This 50-minute walking workout contains more upper body movements and step/lift sequencing for increased core-cardio concentration. In addition to detailed instruction with form tips, Step it to the Max also includes T-Tapp warm up and cool down stretches for comprehensive conditioning. Equivalent to walking about 5 miles! Remember, fat burning continues through stretching and with Step it to the Max you'll feel the heat from start to finish!


TappCore DVD (Retail Value $17.95)
Fundamental fitness program designed to help the body improve strength, flexibility, and healthy heart function. Each exercise is taught in detail and then offered without instruction. Learn basic T-Tapp techniques to maximize activation of your muscles to strengthen your joints and spine for preventative fitness and wellness. TappCore exercises also help balance left brain/right brain function and improve mind-to-muscle connection. It's a great way to sneak in exercise throughout the day when you don't have time or space. Do one movement at a time or combine several together for a mini-workout. TappCore exercises include: Butterflies, Triceps Curls, Shoulders, Chest Press, Hoe Downs, Spine Stretch, Balance, Chair and Walking Sequence.

Warm Up Workout #2 DVD (Retail Value $24.95)
(50 minutes) Filmed during the 2009 Retreat at Safety Harbor Resort & Spa, this DVD actually features two warm-up workouts designed to improve body alignment, muscle balance and metabolic function. Warm Up Workouts are just what you need to start off your day right. These workouts set you up for a day of alignment and energy, especially great for those who wake up sore in the mornings. Standing warm up (7 minutes) and floor section (43 minutes). The floor workout also features leverage isometric instruction and new moves to master!