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Rhonda Kontos



Recently I was diagnosed with thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue and anemia.  I have not felt good in years.  Some days it was all I could do to shower and do laundry.  Forget about cleaning my house or feeling like walking my dogs.  In short, how I felt was now interfering with my life.  I could not do the normal things I wanted to do.  I went to a holistic doctor that ran tests to tell me that my thyroid was sluggish, I was anemic and my adrenals were fatigued.  She recommended medications and supplements.  But I knew I still needed to exercise and eat well.  You see with thyroid issues and adrenal fatigue you have a low appetite.  So I was eating very little and losing nothing.  In fact, I had put on weight.  So we bought a elliptical.  I would do 30 minutes on this machine, and then I needed a nap.  Something was wrong with this picture.

I asked myself if there was not a program of exercise that was good for thyroid conditions and adrenal fatigue so I went searching on the internet.  I was led to Theresa’s website through a thyroid board.  

And my life was changed.  I know it is T-Tapp because I have not been on the medications or supplements long enough to make this type of a difference.  My doctor warned me that the meds and supplements would take a while before I would feel better.  She encouraged me to exercise but she said you haven’t a lot of reserves.  The real issue to from my research is that with adrenal fatigue you must not exercise too little nor too much.  You must be careful of what and how much you do. And I have found T-Tapp fits the requirements just right.  How do I know?  By my new found energy.  I can get through most days without naps.  Before I needed sometimes two a day.  Yes, that is right.  I would sleep sometimes 10 hours a night and still need two naps just to make it through the day.  Since I have been T-Tapping, and taking my medications and supplements I don’t take naps.   I do still have the occasional bad days and I do sleep when my body tells me too. I have learned to listen to my body.

I haven’t exercised regularly for over two years because I felt too bad to exercise.  I could not get through anything.  I dreaded it because of how I felt.  I feel like T-Tapp has been my lifesaver.  I feel like now I can lose the weight I gain, I feel like I can recover all my energy and I can get a body that is toned and I am proud of.  And most important of all, I look forward to my T-Tapp workouts.  I have tried so many different exercise programs and most I dreaded because afterwards I was wiped out and needed to sleep.

I used to dance professionally and have always been active, but in the last three years I just could not be active.  I had to push myself hard to do my normal activities.  So now to have some energy back; well I can not say how much it means to me.  Yes, I want to lose dress sizes (don’t we all), yes I want to lose weight, but most important to me is to be able to exercise and still clean my house or run errands or have a job because I have the energy to do these things.

I am not by nature a person that lets themselves get down, I try to be upbeat but I have to confess this loss of energy was getting to me.  Now through T-Tapp I have found a way to get healthier along with getting my body back into better shape.  That is thrilling to me.  I have found so much help and support through T-Tapp.  Motivation is important and the forums give so much advice and support that it is amazing.

My biggest hope outside of needing a new wardrobe is that I will be able to lose the medications needed for my conditions and just use T-Tapp and the supplements.  I am taking alfalfa and doing the CRT system of Theresa’s which I see resulting in the loss of cellulite.  Hooray!

I started tapping by using YouTube versions because I could not use the Try it Before You buy feature due to my computer being a Mac.  So while I awaited my DVD and Book I did Hoe Downs, Thread the Needle and Basic Workout from YouTube.  I took no measurements.  I got the book and DVD on 9/3/03 and started.  To date I have lost 18 inches.  And I lost 6 inches during having surgery on my back where I could not do a full workout only Hoe Downs.  I recently started back because recovery from surgery took longer than I thought.  I am back to Basic Work Out as I can't get through Total Workout since surgery.  But the amazing thing to me was I lost while I was out having surgery just by doing Hoe Downs twice sometimes three times a day!  I also used the PG spray 4 times a day.  I thought I would lose ground and gain back those lost inches while recovering I never dreamed I would continue to lose.  My surgeon said it was fine to do T-Tapp as long I did not reach or lift my arms so I only did Hoe Downs.  I am still a work in progress as I have a ways to go before I am in maintenance mode but I know I can get there with T-Tapp.

The bottom line for me is T-Tapp is now a way of life.  I like that. I like that ultimately I only need T-Tapp to keep me in the shape I want and everything else I do on top of it is gravy.

Rhonda Kontos