T-Tapp workouts are for all ages and fitness levels. They enable your body to build muscles with greater density instead of bulk. Drop a clothing size within 2 weeks! Decrease inflammation, improve mental clarity and increase energy. That’s why Dr. Nicholas Perricone says that T-Tapp is an effective anti-aging workout!


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With our digital product downloads, you can view your works from anywhere! Workout with T-Tapp any time, any place! T-Tapp progressively builds strength, flexibility and healthy heart function, as well as better balance. Only one set of 8 repetitions is ever needed because, with T-Tapp, the stronger you get the more challenging the workout becomes.

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Posture Power – Maintaining the T-Tapp Stance during movement can immediately increase heart rate and maximize muscle activation even more.  Because of this all T-Tapp workouts provide strength training and aerobic conditioning at the same time without the use of equipment or impact.

The T-Tapp Stance – Knees bent, tailbone tucked, ribs up and shoulders back along with weight in heels and knees out towards little toe – is the secret for maximizing neuro-kinetic connection, muscle and fascia activation, as well as lymphatic function.

Brain-Body Fitness – All T-Tapp workouts involve simultaneous activation of the left brain and right brain during movement.  Not only does this improve kinetic awareness and coordination, it elevates mood and energy.

You don’t need to lift weights to improve bone density!  The T-Tapp Method of muscle activation has medically been proven to help increase bone density regardless of age.  Dexa scan results verify how Berei, from age 85 – 87, increased bone density in her lower spine by 18.5%.

T-Tapp works, according to the experts! Read more here.


Less to Lose

Karen M.

12.5 Inches Lost

Amity J.

14 Inches Lost

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Health Improvements

Rebecca W.

26 Inches Lost

Becky B.

31.25 Inches Lost

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Inch Loss & Weight Loss

Anita N.

10 Inches Lost

Key H.

15.75 Inches Lost

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Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes

Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes is the ultimate reference book for T-Tapp! It explains every move within the original Total Workout in detail and it comes with a free DVD featuring 3 bonus exercises.

Less is more, even in exercise!  In her book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes, Teresa Tapp reveals her signature T-Tapp Workout, and teaches you how to “use your body as a machine so you can lose inches quick, build bone density, and condition your heart, all with only 8 repetitions and no equipment.”

Motivational and educational, this book teaches you how to help your body help itself – look better, feel better and stay fit forever.  Perfect as a reference manual, this book also teaches you how to lose without dieting.