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Magazine Articles Featuring T-Tapp

    A Distinctive Style Magazine (Spring 2011)
    A Distinctive Style Magazine (Summer 2010)
    I Did It! featuring Charlotte Siems on Page 82
Woman's Day Magazine (July 2010)

Slimdown Special: I Lost 100 lbs!
People Magazine (June 2009)


Get Perfect Posture
Woman's Day (January 2009)


Face to Face with Teresa Tapp
ON COURSE Magazine (Fall 2008/Winter 2009)


I ♥ My Trainer!
Fitness Magazine (June 2008)


Summer's Secret for a Fabulous Torso & Tummy After Baby
Part 1
Part 2
Women's Fitness (Summer 2008)


T-Tapp Time
Long & Lean
Part 1
Part 2
MAX Sports & Fitness (May 2008)


Traditional VS. T-Tapp Leg Extensions
FitBody Women's Fitness (July/August 2007)

    Finding Balance with Teresa Tapp
Journal of Longevity (April 2007)

Includes Many Articles on T-Tapp
FitBody Women's Fitness (February/March 2007)

    Less Is MORE!
Livingston Health & More (March 2006)

Just 15 Minutes to Fitness
PARADE Magazine (March 2005)

    Maximize Your Muscles
FIT Magazine (January 2005)

A Size Smaller in 2 Weeks!
Women's World (January 2004)

    Estrogen Trap
Health & Fitness Sports Magazine (October 2003)
    Hoe Downs by T-Tapp ... Little move, Big Results
Prevention Magazine (June 2003)
    People Making a Difference
Wellness News (February 2002)
    Aligned & Ready
Health & Fitness Sports Magazine (January 2002)
    Drop A Size Every 2 Weeks
Woman's World (August 2001)
    T-Tapp Time - What is T-Tapp all about? How does it work?
Health & Fitness Sports Magazine (August 2001)
    The T-Tapp Secret for a Flat Stomach
Women's Fitness International (April 2001)
    Thread the Needle by T-Tapp
Women's Fitness International (June 2000)
    Spot Reduction for a Trim Torso and Long, Lean Arms
Women's Fitness International (March 2000)
    Diva Derriére the T-Tapp Way
Women's Fitness International (January 2000)
    Awesome Legs Workout
Women's Fitness International (October 1999)
    Model Moms - Reality Behind the Pictures
Women's Fitness International (September 1999)
    Has She Created The World's Greatest Workout For Women? An Interview with Dr. Gregory Heigh
Women's Fitness International (June 1999)
    Successful Inch Loss Fast
Women's Fitness International (April 1999)
    T-Tapp Arm Toning Sequence
Women's Fitness International (January 1999)
    Trim and Tone Arms without Weights..Yes,You Can with T-Tapp!
Women's Fitness International (October 1998)
    Back Pain?? - Relief the T-Tapp Way!
Women's Fitness International (March 1998)

Newspaper Articles
TappCore Articles
Fit, Firm and Fabulous in 15 Minutes - Atlanta Aquarius Magazine
Walking: T-Tapp Style - Morgan Hill Times
T-Tapp Revolutionary Workout - Morgan Hill Times
Gilroy Trainer Tapp into Shape - Morgan Hill Times
If the Body is a Machine, It Needs a Constant Tune-up - Chico Enterprise-Record
Tipton Woman Focus on 'Good Health' - The Frederick Daily Record
Regimen Developer Devoted to Her Passion - Illinois News Tribune
Workout Works - Illinois News Tribune
Sure, you can burn your buns, but can you T-Tapp? - Paradise Post
Quietly, Calmly Building Popularity - St. Pete Times
It's Time for T-Tapp - Marietta Daily Journal
T-Tapp to Change Your Life - Maryland Woman Magazine Cover Story
Eat Fries Lose Pounds Plan - Miami New Times
T-Tapping their way to good health - Cleveland Plain Dealer
Getting Shipshape - Boston Globe
Fitness enthusiasts get a workout over the Web - Houston Chronicle

Other Articles
Tapping Your Way to Good Health - Impact Magazine
T-Tapp Combines Fast Inch Loss with Pain Relief - Kentickiana Family Magazine
VA Hospital Research on T-Tapp Revealed
'Tapp' Your Way to a Better Body - WEWS Cleveland Web Site
T-Tapp Fitness Retreat - Clearwater, Florida March 2000
MSN Hot Workouts
A Holistic Prescription to Swine Flu