As seen in the June 1999 issue of Women’s Fitness International.

By Dr. Gregory Heigh.

I met Teresa (42) 3 years ago when she made a guest appearance on my radio show “Talking Health”. I remember sitting in the studio watching everyone’s jaw drop as she walked down the hall. I was so impressed by the way she looked, I told the whole country live on the air that I had just seen the most incredibly fit woman walk down the hall and wondered who the lucky host was that was having her on their show. As luck would have it she was my guest. Teresa not only knocked me out with the fabulous shape she was in, she also greatly impressed me with her extensive knowledge of exercise physiology, health, and nutrition. During the show we had so many calls that the phone lines were jammed and our ratings soared.

After the show I asked Teresa if she had any ideas how to solve an exercise problem I was having with my weight loss patients at my Clinic. I have a busy bi-coastal alternative medical practice where I specialize in anti-aging and disease prevention using Homeopathy, Nutrition and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

One of the biggest frustrations I had with my weight loss patients was how to get them on a successful exercise program that delivered results. I know how to develop exercise programs to train athletes and help them win competitions; one of my homeopathic formulas helped 6 Olympic athletes win gold medals. Also, before becoming a physician, I was a competitive athlete, martial artist and bodybuilder. However, when it came to helping the average woman, I wasn’t able to get consistent results like I had with my athletes.

The T-Tapp Workout is the most impressive exercise program I have seen in 30 years of practice in the field of health and fitness. Never have I seen such a well designed program that literally reshapes the body as it resets the metabolism to burn fat at a faster rate. “This may very well be the most effective exercise routine ever.” Teresa’s sequential system of muscle movement truly creates a new paradigm of fitness by promoting health through toning both there internal as well as the external muscle system. I began sending Teresa some of my most difficult weight loss patients. Within weeks the dramatic results I saw in these women impressed me so much that I started to send her my celebrity patients. All experienced a superior mind-body connection that seemed to immediately improve their body functions as well as achieve notable visual results. The research Teresa has applied into her workout is very complex yet it appears so simple and it is very easy to follow. What amazes me, is that it challenges those who are fit (even female bodybuilders) as well as those who are just beginning to achieve fitness.

Unbelievably, she uses the same sequence of muscle movement; only changes the number of repetitions for those who are really fit. However, she never does more than 12 reps of any movement. It is amazing, but true. She created a Primary Stretch that incredibly sets up a mind-body connection to re-program the body to burn fat in just 5 minutes. You literally feel the “heat” go up your spine. This gives the body clear communication from the brain to the spine to the extremities. Muscle tissue, blood flow, and lymphatic functions immediately increased. Even the face receives increased cellular oxygenation (which helps in the anti-aging process). The body experiences a remarkable 4-day climb to success – it breaks through a physiological plateau on the third day. Physically, day 3 is difficult but on day 4 it becomes easier. Her program operates on a reward system – you workout hard in the beginning to re-program the body, but within an average of 10 weeks, you only have to do the program once or twice a week to maintain it. Teresa’s products are featured elsewhere in the magazine.

Teresa definitely practices what she preaches. That incredibly fit body is kept with only one or two workouts a week and she eats whatever she wants. She never consumes herself with worry about exercise and diet because she knows how to maintain it. She is an active woman who loves to ride her horse and be outdoors in nature. She often does her workout in the shade of an oak tree.

What I like about Teresa is that she shares her knowledge with those want to know and does it without trying to impress or intimidate. She really does care about helping others achieve their goals, whatever those goals may be. Her approach to fitness and good health just makes common sense. She gives clarity to the often contradictory, confusing information that makes the road to successful weight loss and fitness more like an obstacle course.

Teresa is a woman who has trained top models and celebrities, worked in the high fashion industry, and has achieved status among her peers in health, nutrition and fitness, yet she doesn’t consider herself to be any different than you or I. “I am a teacher, says Teresa and I am here to share the knowledge that I have acquired through formal education and life experience. I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn, the ability to understand, and the availability of a network of peers who are experts in their area of practice. Therefore, I believe that it is my responsibility to share – to help others be the best they can be. To not only look good, but feel good and be able to maintain a quality of health and fitness that I believe everyone deserves no matter who they are.”

Dr. Gregory Heigh is a Board Certified Homeopath and Licensed Acupuncture Physician with Doctorates in Chinese Medicine and Nutrition. His research on amino acids and bodybuilding started the amino acid craze in the 80’s. His articles on fitness, health and nutrition have appeared in many publications such as Let’s Live, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness and the Townsend Newsletter for Doctors and their patients.

Reprinted with permission.