Connie T.lost 1 1/2" off her abdomen in just 7 days by "Putting her Organs in Place" before any muscle movement. At first you may feel some discomfort as you move your internal organs but this does not hurt the body. Degree of discomfort reveals the level of muscle atrophy. "Putting the Organs in place" actually stimulates function of the internal organs and it is good for the body. Try to do this movement sequence at least once a day and before any workout. Be sure to measure your abdomen (3" below the navel) to record your inch loss success. When you start to lose inches, tell me about! You can email your success story to I'd love to hear from you! Perhaps you'd like to be a future reader/model.

"Putting the Organs in Place"

Starting position
Lie on back with knees bent and feet close to buns. Feel how the internal organs naturally flatten out against the spine with gravitational pull. Tuck butt slightly and feel how the organs shift upward towards the rib cage.

First Step
Keep butt tucked, place hands inside left hip bone and push into abdominal cavity. Then push the organs towards center of the tummy. Repeat.

Second Step
Keep butt tucked, place hands inside right hip bone and push into abdominal cavity. Then push the organs towards center of the tummy.

Third Step
Keep butt tucked and place hands on lower abdomen, just below bladder (lower than photo). Push fingertips into abdominal cavity and roll palms flat as you continue to push into abdomen. You may feel some discomfort as the organs move up towards the rib cage.

Fourth Step
Hold palms flat into abdominal cavity and "tighten" the muscles underneath. Hold for 8 counts. Once strong enough, hold position for an additional 8 counts without hands on tummy. Keeping butt up, continue to do "butt tucks" never touching the floor for a total of 20 tucks. Lower hips and rest 8 counts. Repeat entire sequence. Then Proceed into "Half Frog Sequence".

Half Frog Sequence

Position I:
Pull knees into chest, hold onto knee caps. Keep knees close to chest as you open and "roll" out and down into Position II. Feel the hip ball joint fully rotate.

Position II:
Once into Position II, you should feel the inner thighs stretch from gravitational pull. Arms should be fully extended with elbows straight. Hold on to those knee caps! Hold this position for 4 counts and then tighten the tummy with a slight butt tuck (do not lift butt). You should feel the lower spine flatten and push against the floor. Hold 4 counts.

Position III:
Put hands on rib cage. Concentrate on keeping back flat on floor. Knees should be directly over the hip bone. If advance, slightly lower knees 30 degrees below hip ball joint but keep back flat.

Position IV: Count 1 & 2
Tuck butt and tighten those tummy muscles as you pull the knees together (not too fast) for count 1. Open knees back out to Position III for count 2.

Position V: Count 3
Keeping knees apart and hands on rib cage, slowly lift the butt off the floor aiming the knees towards the shoulders using the abdominal muscles (don't swing). Slowly return to Position III for count 4.

Repeat sequence for a total of 10 "Half Frogs"
Advanced should do 2 sets of 10

T-Tapp Tips: "Putting the Organs in Place" followed by "Half Frogs" helps prevent groin injury. I have used it to rehab professional football players who already had groin injuries. Do regular abdominal crunches after "Putting the Organs in Place" and "Half Frogs" and feel how much more effective they are. I usually do 30 regular crunches with 15 cross-over crunches to each side. Want more? This sequence and many more are on my new "Hit the Floor" video - a 30 minute workout for the tummy and legs. You will feel the difference!