teresa-tapp-sittingMost believe that it is not possible to tighten and tone arms without weights, especially the tricep underarm muscle. However, T-Tapp’s special combination of comprehensive, compound muscle movement with isometric linear alignment not only delivers faster results than traditional over the head tricep curls done with weights, but also delivers visible muscle definition to 5 more muscles!

Teresa originally created her tricep curl movement sequence to help rehabilitate a painful condition called “Tennis Elbow”, but the visible results of increased muscle tone with decrease of fat made it very popular with all females.

Not only can trimmer triceps be seen within 7 days, but muscle definition of the shoulder (deltoid and trapezius muscles) as well as the back (latissimus dorsi muscle) will appear at the same time. In fact, you should also see a reduction of fat at the base of the neck as well as perkier “pecs” (pectoral muscle of the chest) with an uplift of the entire busom within 2 weeks with only 8 repetitions per day.

Maximizing muscle movement is T-Tapp’s secret for faster inch loss and fat loss. Although T-Tapp exercises might appear easy and such quick results may sound too good to be true, once you actually DO them, you’ll FEEL the difference. Just follow the details explained with each photo and always do each movement to your own personal max ability and you WILL achieve slim, trim arms with muscle density instead of bulk.

Trim triceps without weights? Only 8 repetitions, once a day to acheive and only twice a week to maintain? Yes, You Can with T-Tapp …. previously kept a secret within the fashion industry, it’s now available for all. Good luck and enjoy wearing sleeveless fashions with confidence!

It’s the only non-impact aerobic exercise program that delivers muscle strength and flexibility along with better bone density without weights.