Reprinted with permission by Woman's World Magazine. Originally published August 7, 2001.

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There's growing proof that new exercises from fitness guru Teresa Tapp can shrink waistlines in record time. In fact, women everywhere are seeing a visible difference in just 4 days-without dieting! Read on to learn why these moves work magic-and how they can make your flab do a disappearing act...

When Chicago native Teresa Tapp was first invited to be on the syndicated radio show Talking Health, "I remember sitting in the studio, watching everyone's jaw drop as she walked down the hall," says fitness and nutrition expert Gregory Heigh, Ph.D. "Teresa knocked us out with the fabulous shape she was in."

And that was before Heigh learned that Tapp had once been two sizes bigger and struggling to recover from a spinal injury. Before he learned that she maintained her perfect figure with just two quickie workouts each week. Before he learned she'd found a way for anyone to do the same!

Soon, "I began sending Teresa some of my most difficult weight loss patients," he recalls. "Within a week, the dramatic results I saw in these women impressed me so much that I started to send her my celebrity patients. Teresa may very well have created the most effective exercise routine ever invented. It literally reshapes the body as it resets the metabolism to burn fat at a faster rate."

One expert says Teresa Tapp, shown here - who herself lost two sizes - may have created the world's most effective exercise routine.

Women like massage therapist Margie Weiss can attest to that. The 50-year-old mom was plumper that ever when she first met Tapp. When Margie confessed that no diet she tried seemed to work, that she felt trapped in her heavy body, Tapp offered to trade Margie workout lessons for massages. "I lost two sizes in one month," smiles Margie, who eventually shrunk by 38 inches. "And I felt like a whole new person." Surprised? Tapp wasn't. She says anyone-including you-can... TAKE OFF 10 POUNDS OF FAT IN THE FIRST WEEK!

Denise Hentze, a 49-year-old former computer programmer, never thought she could have the kind of success Tapp promised. Over-weight since childhood, by the time she took her psychotherapist's advice and went to see Tapp, "I felt like I was walking around with two other people stuffed inside me" she recalls. "I had 200 pounds crammed on my 4'11" frame. My fiance had to tie my shoes because I couldn't even bend over to reach them."

Tapp showed Denise how to do exercises a lot like those she remembered from gym class-lunges, leg lifts and waist twists-but using special form she said would engage more of Denise's muscle and thus create more fat burning. What happened? Well, losing 10 pounds of fat that first week was just the beginning. Today, Denise is 70 pounds slimmer and 7 sizes smaller!

Holli Greene, age 47, of Trussville, Alabama, went from size 18 to size 10 in just 11 weeks. Houston architect Dawn Batsche, 39, saw results in just 4 days. "I lost 1 inches from my waist right away," she says. And the list goes on.

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