Can Acupuncture Relieve Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Symptoms?

IBS is a type of common gastrointestinal disease which is not well known. Any IBS patients found that acupuncture can help to alleviate symptoms associated with IBS. With this treatment, some individuals have experienced little relief.

As anecdotal data, study into acupuncture is inconsistent for IBS. Here’s what you need to know if you do have IBS and are curious about acupuncture.

What is the Working Process of Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one type of traditional Chinese medicine healing practise. Acupuncture physicians placed thin needles in particular acupuncture points on the body to unlock blocked power and fix disparities. These points of acupuncture refer to the internal organs and stimulate them.

The acupuncture needle points will help activate a nervous system, emit sensational hormones and chemicals. A potential reason is why acupunctures function. It will alleviate fatigue, pain, and other common symptoms.

Opening canals may operate at a quantum level, increasing the energy transfer between the cells.

Is Acupuncture Effective in Treating IBS Symptoms?

Symptoms of IBS are different and can include:

  • diarrhoea
  • cramping
  • gas
  • stomach pain 
  • constipation
  • mucus in stool
  • enlarged bloating in stomach 

Many experiments have focused on acupuncture’s potential to relieve these effects with mixed findings.

For example, research from the Trusted Source in which 230 adult patients had acupuncture and sham placebo type of acupuncture showed little or no difference in IBS symptoms.

However, all of these groups’ symptoms were more relieved than those of an excessive control group. This discovery may mean that the placebo effect is causing sound effects from acupuncture. This observation was confirmed by at least one other report.

Mixed findings have been reported in a meta-analysis of six randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials. However, those who wrote the study found that the quality of lifestyle of individuals with IBS could be significantly increased by acupuncture. Symptoms like stomach pain have been shown to benefit.

In a small sample, Trusted Source also contrasted with conventional western medicine compared abdominal acupuncture found acupuncture improved to alleviate symptoms such as pain, diarrhoeas, bloating, irregular stool and bowel production.

Any IBS consumers are often mixed with anecdotal proof. Some citizens swear by acupuncture, although others have no evidence to justify it.

Are there any Home Remedies That Can Help To Treat IBS Symptoms?

If you benefit from acupuncture or not, symptom relief can be obtained through other steps. For starters, the trigger foods can be removed.

Keep Track on Trigger Foods by Maintaining a Diary

Maintaining a food log will help you locate and isolate food forms causing signs of IBS. These can vary from person to person, however:

  • fatty food
  • alcohol
  • sweets
  • diary
  • chocolate
  • gluten
  • caffeine
  • sugar substitutes
  • garlic & onions
  • cruciferous vegetables

Add Fibre in Your Daily Diet

You can aim to add more fibre rich foods to your diet and eliminate such trigger foods. Fibre-rich foods can help digest your intestines and allow them to function best. In exchange, conditions such as bloating, gas, and suffering may be alleviated. A high fibre diet will also make the stool smoother, which makes passing simpler.

Including foods rich in fibre:

  • fresh vegetables
  • beans
  • whole grains
  • fresh fruits
  • flax seed

Increase the Intake of Water

Try to increase the consumption of water in addition to consuming more fibre. Drinking between six to nine glasses of water a day maximizes the advantages of consuming fibre.

Try Out FODMAP Diet to Control IBS

This diet reduces or limits foods containing fermented carbohydrates. See this article for even more details about this diet and how IBS symptoms can benefit.

Reduce Your Life Stress

Stress and IBS will be a chicken-or-egg case for the first time. Stress can compound IBS, and it causes stress. It will help to find ways to put calmness in your life.

Items to be attempted include:

  • deep breathing
  • meditation
  • yoga, 
  • exercise
  • visualization & positive imagery

Consult Your Doctor

IBS may have a significant effect on the quality of life of an individual. If you cannot receive relief from natural medicines or interventions at home, visit a specialist.

A lot of prescription therapies and drugs are available to help you achieve essential and long-term relief.

Additional Research

The survey findings suggest that acupuncture paired with moxibustion is substantially more efficient than acupuncture alone in the care of IBS-D. The effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine is verified by further study. The research studied all three IBS kinds: predominant constipation, prevalent diarrhoea, and alternative IBS forms. It found that the IBS is a condition primarily attributable to acupuncture, as has been stated in a meta-analysis printed in the World Journal on Gastroenterology. The study indicated that “our analysis of six randomized controlled tests shows that acupuncture enhances IBS symptoms, like distentional and abdominal pain, incomplete defecation sensation, defecation times per day and heat condition,” according to them.

Acupuncture has been concluded as healthy and efficient, with the finding that “no acupuncture-related severe adverse events have been reported in the articles. Acupuncture testing has recommended that a review “showed that pain improvements in IBS were positive about increased acupuncture-group tone parasympathies.

Final Words

The IBS is a common, gas, symptomatic, and disorder of bloating gastrointestinal. The quality of life of an individual can be drastically decreased.

Researchers have researched the potential of acupuncture to relieve IBS symptoms extensively, but the outcomes so far have been mixed. Acupuncture is useful to others because it’s not to some. The chance for acupuncture is probably minimal, and it will help. Act in your country for an acupuncturist. Before noticeable improvements happen, it also takes several visits.

Other medications and dietary improvements, which may allow patients with IBS to discover substantial relief from symptoms, are also available. See the doctor if you are not cured by alternative remedies such as acupuncture. Try out different natural tips like consuming a healthy diet and exercising daily. If you are unaware of what to be done, then you are recommended not to try any nasty experiment that can lead to another severe problem. Always consult to a doctor before taking some steps.

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