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How to Win the Battle of the (Cellulite) Bumps

By November 5, 2019 No Comments

By Master Trainer Kiona

Images of Master Trainer Kiona in 2001, 2006, 2009, 2019 to show how she was able to get rid of cellulite and tighten her skin over time and keep it off

When it comes to winning the ‘Battle of the Bumps’ against cellulite and skin tightening there are several factors that will determine difficulty and success. Factors include body type, blood type, ethnic heritage and lifestyle. All play major roles in where you get cellulite including where and how much.

Without going into too much detail here, let’s just say I have the perfect storm of reasons to have cellulite: English/Scottish/German heritage with thin skin + long thigh bones that give me a big butt and thick thighs, O blood type with a sluggish lymph system which is slow to detox the skin to keep it healthy.

When looking to remove cellulite and tighten skin a multi pronged approach is necessary.

Cellulite isn’t just loose skin. It is also toxins laying near the surface of the skin causing a dimpling effect. The approach we use to battle it has to take both factors into consideration. The Cellulite Removal Technique (CRT) Kit comes with everything you need to get started.

Here is a a quick summary of the items in your new kit!

  • The body brush helps strengthen and tone skin in a similar fashion to microderm abrasion. It also stimulates the lymphatic and nervous system to increase elimination of toxins, especially those near the skin’s surface.
  • The Fibertox aids the elimination process of the body. It ensures that what the brush moves away from the skin is completely cleared from the body and doesn’t get ‘stuck’ in your gut.
  • The Premium Blended Alfalfa feeds the body nutrition that increases collagen production in the skin. It also helps if you are struggling with excess fluid retention that can give cellulite a much worse appearance.
  • The brushing sequence featured on the brochure included, but also on the DVD, demonstrates the specially designed brushing sequence to maximize lymphatic movement for better and faster results. It works with the nervous system to prepare the body for the all over feeling of the brush. Plus, where the nerves go, the lymph will follow!
  • Additional bonus moves on the DVD also walk you through more moves to maximize lymphatic pumping. The DVD also provides detailed nutrition information to maximize elimination as well as reduce inflammation that also makes the situation look worse.


So what else could you POSSIBLY need?! Well here are some of MY personal favorite tips in addition to all that is provided to eliminate cellulite faster and forever!

1. Brush more than once per day.

In the informational DVD it is recommended that you do the Primary Back Stretch BEFORE you start to brush. Even better, do an entire WORKOUT then brush for maximum lymphatic pumping.

But wait! Brushing stimulates lymph on it’s own!

I discovered early in my CRT journey that both principles applied for me AND I got better and faster results. I found that brushing before a workout, especially first thing in the morning, woke up my nervous system better and faster and gave me a much higher output from my workout!

However, I still wanted the lymphatic benefit after the workout so I added that in too. WOW what a result! Visible reduction in cellulite in 4 days. Plus if you have really stubborn cellulite like I did, find a time to do it a third time in the day.

2. Don’t Skip on the FIbertox. In fact, you may want EXTRA.

In order to help the body help itself, we need to give it what it needs to eliminate the toxins sitting under the skin damaging the matrix of collagen/elastin and pushing thru. The best way we can do this is by drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day as we start brushing.

However, with jobs, meetings, kids, commutes, and taking care of everyone else, we rarely have time to be in the restroom as often as that amount of water consumption creates. This is why the FIbertox was added to the kit. It gets your digestion moving, which is the primary place toxins in the body are eliminated without all the extra trips. Plus you take it with 8 oz of water so you will end up with a boost anyway.

If things really seem stuck, it’s beneficial to look at adding additional Fibertox. Start with the recommended amount of just 2 per day and if results are a bit slow, try adding a 3rd or 4th over the course of a week or two.

It should also be noted that for those of us with very sensitive digestive systems are best to start at ONE Fibertox per day and ramp up from there. Otherwise it can be a very uncomfortable transition which will likely result in being discouraged.

3. Be Smart with Alfalfa.

The nutrients in the Premium Blended Alfalfa boost the collagen and elastin production in the skin. The bottle recommends 6 capsules daily, however this is an even more personalized supplement than Fibertox.

Depending on hormone levels, protein intake, allergies to grasses or legumes and many other factors that truly only a full genetic panel could decode, each of us has our ideal amount of alfalfa needed. This can also fluctuate throughout the month as we go thru our normal hormonal shifts.

Pay close attention as you being this supplement on how you are feeling, how you eliminate, your moods, and of course your results with the system. If you find you are having a lot of moods or elimination, you may need to cut back to 4 daily and either ramp up or hold there. Pay close attention to how you feel on various dosages. You can also maximize the body’s healing ability by taking more at night when you are preparing to rest.

Remember the body heals and detoxes over night so help it along with extra nutrition. When I began my CRT system I took 7 on a regular basis, 2 with early meals and 3 at bedtime, and would increase to 9 during that “time of the month”. It worked for me for a very long time, until my system had done the majority of the elimination. 15 years later I sustain on 4 alfalfa daily.

Let your body be your guide!

4. Use 2 brushes.

If the idea in Item #1 sounds daunting here is the quick fix for that! Using 2 brushes significantly reduces the amount of time you spend brushing at all! Once you have done the arms, chest and upper back, grab a second brush and start on your torso, hips, legs and butt with both brushes.

This is a great exercise in not only right/left brain use simultaneously, but when you get to the legs BOY do you work your balance! Having an extra brush on hand is a MUST in my book.

When you get REALLY good at it, you can brush in about 2 minutes, which means even 3 times per day it’s faster than when you learned the sequence.

5. Salt Baths

Another fantastic practice to help the body eliminate toxins, feed the skin and build elastin and collagen is in a dead sea mineral salts bath. In addition to the CRT system you can also get salts from the T-Tapp store for your use.

Regular baths in dead sea salts helps the body eliminate toxins thru the skin itself while at the same time providing minerals to heal the skin, reduce inflammation and help it build up more collagen right at the source. The bath should be a comfortable warm temperature but not too hot or you will increase inflammation.

This is the ideal third time in the day to do your brushing, right before getting in the bath. Soak for at least 20 minutes and while you are REALLY working on it it’s best to do this 3 times per week. Don’t worry you won’t have to keep that up forever!

6. Use natural effective products only on your skin.

When I started the CRT system I was very skeptical having grown up with a father who was a chemist for Avon. So I checked all my facts with him. He confirmed that petroleum based products are used in skin care regimens mostly because they are so cheap for the results delivered thus making them far more desirable by large companies. However he was also aware of medical tests that had shown liver damage to those who used them regularly and long term.

The Skin Saver line of products are all based in natural food oils, olive or almond being the primary two. The amazing effects on the skin are a result of natural essential oils, which have been used safely for thousands of years in beauty regimes. Whether it’s for the face, the body, just the buns, or you get the oils blend to put in your favorite natural oil, these are MUST HAVE products for beautiful skin top to bottom.

7. Be Consistent with help from T-Tapp Subscriptions.

The final ingredient in cellulite removal for good is to be consistent.

Just like other results, you have to maintain in order to keep them. Eventually you find your perfect amount of Fibertox and Alfalfa, you don’t have to do baths several times per week, and you don’t have to brush 3 times per day. Once I reached my results I have maintained for over a decade brushing once per day, about 5 times per week, with sporadic baths, and less supplements while still making sure things move out of my digestive tract regularly.

The easiest way to make sure you have everything you need is to sign up for a subscription on the T-Tapp store. I LOVE receiving everything I need regularly to maintain my health and results. Don’t believe me? Check out my after pictures at the top of this page. I was in the red shorts in 2009 and just this week 2019 in the black.

Yes it does work and it DOES LAST!

So what kind of results can YOU achieve?! Get stated today and share your story too!