60-Day Challenge Winners 2012

Grand prize Winners

Sonya B.

Melissa H

Lorili H.

Grace G.

Stephanie R.

Allison D.

Under 50 Categories:

Average to Lose
Sonya B.
Michelle H.
Callie W.
Aleah K.
Jeanine J.
Susan C.
Ang F.
Anna D.
Colleen A.
Rose R.
Brenda B.
Christy W.

Average to Lose + Health
Kimberly V.
Miranda M.
Heather L.
Melinda W.

Less to Lose
Allison D.
Lisa M.
Gergana S.
Renee M.
Teralyn E.
Amity J.
Amy D.
Stephanie F.
Pamela K.
Rob W.

Less to Lose + Health
Ruby K-P Y.
Beth H.
Sharon C.

More to Lose
Amy G.
Donna Sh.
Sherri D.
Mari P.
Abbigail S.
Trisha W.
Anna S.N.
Mindy H.

More to Lose +Health
Elizabeth N.
Cristal S.
Becky B.
Tiffanie R.
Kelly W.
Lisa McE.
Kathy D.


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Over 50 Categories:

Average to Lose
Ladonna C.
Lori T.
Vicki A.M.
Martha H.
Annette T.
Phyllis B.
Kerry H.

Average to Lose + Health
Stephanie R.
Cathie B.
Nancy H.
TracyLeigh R.

Less to Lose
Lorili H.
Randy H.
Christy B.
Jean K.

Less to Lose + Health
Donna Sm.
Julie B.
Julia V.

More to Lose
Bobbi T.
Rhona B.
Vivian V.K.
Sandy C.
Joleen S.
Vikki F.

More to Lose + Health
Cathy C.
Grace G.
Christine W.
Cindy G.
Mary Ellen K.
Troi E.


Trainers/Trainer In Training Category:
Aurora Y-J.
Katarina C.
Isabel P.
Kayla H.
Gretchen P.


2012 60-Day Challenge Winners!

Our 2012 60-Day Challenge was held from April to June. We had lots of amazing entries this year! Chosing the winners was no easy task.

We have gathered all of our winners together in to one ebook featuring their before and after pictures, measurements and final essays.

How to download the eBook
1. Click on the image to the left to open the eBook.
2. In the bottom right hand corner you will see a floppy disk icon. Click that to save the eBook to your computer. (You may also right click your mouse and select Save As...)