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Since The Thyroid Diet hit the New York Times bestseller list in 2004, the number of Americans diagnosed with thyroid disease has more than doubled—and that’s just a fraction of the 50 million people suspected of living with the condition in the US. Now even more topical than its predecessor, The Thyroid Diet Revolution identifies the factors that inhibit a thyroid patient’s inability to lose weight and offers much-needed solutions, with new material including:

* Guidelines, checklists and information to help frustrated dieters determine if they have an undiagnosed thyroid condition
* A comprehensive, step-by-step approach for diagnosed thyroid patients to optimize their treatment for improved metabolism and weight loss
* Expanded information on "resistance syndromes" like leptin resistance, insulin resistance and hypothalamic resistance, and their ability to prevent weight loss in thyroid patients
* A common-sense look at cutting-edge hormonal, non-surgical treatments to aid in weight loss
* New and updated information on the latest nutritional approaches, supplements, herbs, and vitamins to mamange metabolism, energy, appetite, blood sugar, hormone balance, and weight loss
* Important information about weight loss drugs and surgery
* Diet program reviews and recommendations
* Expert tips on nutritional psychology and neuroendocrinology, to put the mind to work improving metabolism

The Thyroid Diet Revolution draws all this and more into an integrated diet and exercise plan. With worksheets to use in weight loss tracking and a special resource section featuring websites, books, and support groups, here is vital help for the millions of thyroid patients dealing with weight problems.

The book includes information on T-Tapp exercises specifically designed to balance out the hormones and stimulate thyroid function. Mary is such a wonderful resource for peri-menopausal and menopausal women; it's an honor to be invited to be part of her book!

"After doing T-Tapp for one week, I lost 12 inches and felt like I'd done Pilates every day for a month in terms of strength and flexibility. This workout works!"
MARY SHOMON, THYROID PATIENT ADVOCATE New York Times best-selling author of The Thyroid Diet.