Why is Teresa Tapp So Different?
Teresa Tapp's program isn't about stereotypical fitness. It is about fitness from the inside out. Public Broadcasting Station even did a 30-minute special documenting the many health benefits of T-Tapp; with extra on how quickly it lowers blood sugar levels in Type II Diabetics. This workout not only helps you get into the best looking shape possible, it also helps to realign the body properly so as to improve back health and a vast array of other problems including pain relief from many autoimmune diseases. The side benefit to this program is that you see inch loss quickly. Teresa does not advocate dieting or scale watching - it's all about how you feel and look in your clothes.

What is the T-Tapp program? It is a comprehensive, compound muscle movement done in specific sequence involving isometric isolations with linear alignment and neuro-kinetic flow. It works muscles layer by layer from the inside out and develops muscle density instead of muscle mass. Because of this, rapid reshaping can take place. No jumping, no weights and no dieting. Inch loss comes quickly at an average of one clothing size per month with no loose skin. Best of all, it works regardless of age or fitness level. T-Tapp is designed to put the body in proper functional alignment, restore metabolic function, and stands on its own as a complete workout as well as enhancing the effectiveness of ALL of your workouts. Basically, your entire system gets "tuned up" like a finely adjusted machine. This technique has some similar principles to Yoga, Callanetics and Pilates, but at the same time it is nothing like them.
Teresa has created a unique at-home workout that actually does what it says it will do - which in itself is a miracle of sorts. Here are just a few of the important EXTRA'S that Teresa offers:
  • Teresa offers unlimited support (via email and toll free number) with an office staff that is fully trained to talk you through any problem areas that you might be having. There is NO charge for this service.
  • Teresa is known for speaking via telephone with clients herself if they have special needs/problems.
  • Teresa offers a FREE forum on her website so that people can communicate with and encourage each other.
  • Teresa schedules Free Seminars around the country to educate people about true fitness and the principles of the T-Tapp program.
  • Teresa offers many of her exercises FREE on her website in the "Try Before You Buy" section. /articles/trial.asp.
  • Teresa regularly sends out free newsletters with health tips and other interesting information.
  • Teresa is committed to investing her own money into research to substantiate her programs effectiveness and to that end a new study is scheduled to start in the fall of 2003 in Florida under the direction of research cardiologist Dr. Mike McIvor for publication in JAMA. This study will utilize the new 12-minute Sit Down T-Tapp in Stage 3(b) and 3(c) Cardiac Care patients - those who are traditionally told NOT to exercise. Teresa has been approached by a pharmecutical company interested in utilizing one of her movements to mitigate the effects of one of the medications that raises blood sugar levels.
  • Teresa donates her time to hold fund-raising T-Tapp events for universities and non-profits around the country. She has even endowed a scholarship at University of Houston.
  • Teresa is completely dedicated to having her program be accessible by anyone and is currently in the final editing phases of T-Tapp with Sign Language and Close Captioning for the hearing impaired.
  • Teresa has just finished filming T-Tapp More for those with more to lose at the request of many physicians across the country.

Do you know of ANY other fitness person or company that offers toll free help and guidance? Do you know of any other creator of an at-home fitness system that will speak directly with clients for NO ADDITIONAL COST?

Teresa is known throughout the industry for her generosity in sharing information with anyone who is interested. Find out for yourself why Teresa Tapp has earned the respect, admiration and gratitude of thousands of clients around the world as well as well-respected members of the medical community!