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Download 7 live video clips of T-Tapp exercises for free! Four different exercises available under article section - Trim Torso, Flatten Stomach, Slim thighs and Diva Derriere. Detailed instructions with photos.

First Trimester Mommy Fitness

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to the wonderful world of T-Tapp! Now is a wonderful time to begin taking care of your health and wellness or to continue on the path you have already started. Pregnant mothers are perhaps one of the segments of the population that can claim the most benefits from T-Tapp as it is a workout that focuses on wellness and helping the body rebuild core processes. While there are many approaches to wellness care for pregnant mothers, this article will focus on T-Tapp specific issues to aid newly pregnant women. As always, the information found here is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. We at T-Tapp Mommy Fitness encourage you to seek proper medical care and guidance through this exciting time in you and your familyís life. Always consult with your doctor prior to engaging in any new physical activity. You will most likely find they are extremely supportive of T-Tapp as it involves no jumping, lifting weights, or jarring motions.

Is T-Tapp Safe?
T-Tapp is absolutely safe to do while pregnant. In fact, not only is it safe, but T-Tapp helps relieve many of the more common pregnancy ailments, such as low back pain, sciatic nerve pain, edema, constipation, etc. As the workout is done to your personal max, T-Tapp will easily adapt to your growing belly and flexibility. This is not the time to start training hard, but it is the perfect time to help your body help itself. Many women have reported losing inches in their thighs and arms while pregnant and returning quickly to their pre-pregnancy sizes by consistently T-Tapping throughout their pregnancy.

What Workouts to Should I use?
If you have been T-Tapping prior to getting pregnant, then continue using the same workouts you were using. However, make sure that you listen to your body. Growing a new life takes a lot of energy and so you may not be able to do much on some days and that is okay! As long as you don't feel overly tired, grouchy, having trouble sleeping or any other symptoms of overtraining you can do as much or as little T-Tapp as you'd like during pregnancy, with your doctorís approval. On those days when you canít seem to do anything but climb out of bed, try to get in at least the Basic 4 T-Tapp movements: Primary Back Stretch (PBS), T-Tapp Twist, Balance Sequence and Thread the Needle. A number of pregnant T-Tapp Moms have reported that PBS has actually helped ease the symptoms of their morning sickness, particularly the arm pumps.

If you are new to T-Tapp, this is the perfect time to start with T-Tapp MORE 4 in 1 Rehab Program. T-Tapp MORE was developed for individuals who have additional health concerns, which being pregnant definitely qualifies as! T-Tapp MORE is a kinder, gentler introduction into T-Tapp and has excellent information regarding body posturing and how to move around when you are in the later months of your pregnancy when there is more of you.

Are There Any Modifications for the First Trimester?
There are no modifications to the T-Tapp Workout need to be made during the first trimester, other than refraining from doing Organs in Place (OIP) for the rest of the pregnancy. This includes any OIP on the Hit the Floor Workout (HTF) and OIP during The Box in the standing workouts. Other than that, you're free to do what your body tells you to. By staying active throughout your pregnancy, you will be doing the best that you possibly can for you and your baby. The core muscles that you develop while T-Tapping will help you in the birthing process and the postpartum period.

What About Supplements and Skin Brushing (CRT System)?
In addition to your prenatal vitamin, you can use Teresaís Premium Blend Alfalfa and B-12 Plus. If you are using Pyruvyl Glycine or Fibertox you should discontinue the use if you are pregnant.

As a natural plant protein, Alfalfa helps rid the body of excess water, which is critical for pregnant moms especially in the later months of pregnancy. Alfalfa taken in the first trimester helps support collagen production and provides needed nutritional value in a diet that is sometimes lacking the needed foods due to morning sickness and nausea. Alfalfa has been studied for years as being an effective anti-cancer nutrient along with anti-inflammatory properties (great for arthritis) since the 1940's. What makes the CRT Premium Blended Alfalfa so special is its purity and how it is processed. Its nutritional content is superior and it is pharmaceutical quality (not food grade). The crop is sprayed with ionic minerals during its growing period resulting in a nutritional content surpassing any "food grade" alfalfa available in America. The only ingredient within the capsules is a blend of alfalfa - no fillers.

All pregnant mothers know how important folic acid is in the prevention of neural tube defects, such as spina bifida. B-12 Plus spray can play a crucial role in the long-term health of your unborn baby. Additionally, Folacin (Folic Acid) has also been shown to help lower homocystines, which is very important for cardiac health. You can maintain a healthy heart with 6 sprays per day of B-12 Plus, which delivers 500 mcg of Folacin.

The grapeskin extract found in Teresaís B-12 Plus is known as being a super antioxidant with greater effectiveness than both Vitamin C and E. It also acts like a catalyst to increase effectiveness of all other ingredients and will boost your immune system.

Stress, computers, fluorescent lighting and heat deplete the body of B vitamins, but with only 3 sprays at 10 am and 3 sprays at 2 pm you will be able to maintain B's in your body with energy all day. Spray for extra energy whenever needed.

As morning sickness is sometimes affected by lagging energy levels, many moms have found relief by doing Primary Back Stretch followed up by several sprays of B-12 Plus. As an added benefit, most dark circles under the eye are from B Vitamin deficiency. If used daily, B-12 Plus helps to reverse dark circles caused by B Vitamin deficiency.

Skin Brushing
The CRT Skin Tightening System teaches you how to skin brush with a plant fiber bristle body brush in a specific pattern to stimulate the lymphatic system and help you to break up the clumps of fat (cellulite) underneath the skin. The brushing sequence also helps to exercise your skin to help maintain and rebuild elasticity. The CRT System combines supplementation with manual stimulation and takes less than 10 minutes a day. Premium Blended Alfalfa helps to rebuild the collagen layer in your skin, feeding your skin and also helping to maintain elasticity. Also included in the CRT System is the Fibertox, which is a special blend of fiber and herbs that aids the body in elimination of toxins, therefore allowing for faster removal of cellulite. It is recommended by most doctors that pregnant women do not take the Fibertox due to the ingredient Licorice Extract. So, if you do not have the CRT System and want to order it you must call the office at 1-877-TAPP-FIT and the T-Tapp Office will be sure to remove the Fibertox for your convenience.

Why does the CRT System work for cellulite? The CRT System is the scientific approach to getting rid of cellulite. Teresa created the CRT Brushing pattern when she was in cancer research to help pump the toxins out of the lymph while woman were going through chemo. One of the side effects discovered from using the brushing pattern was the tightening of skin and was breaking up of those clumps of fat or cellulite underneath the skin (visibly reducing at first and eventually eliminating the cellulite).

The lymphatic system is basically the filter of your body. Cellulite technically is just clumps of fat in the connective tissue of your body. That is why creams do not work to get rid of cellulite. The most a cream could do is feed the skin to help produce more collagen to thicken the skin. As an added bonus for the CRT System is extremely effective at cleansing/stimulating the lymphatic system, which is critical to breast health and milk production.

With daily brushing, you will keep all your body's elimination systems in good condition (lymphatic, kidney, bladder, intestinal, as well as the skin). Remember the special CRT pattern to brush makes a definite difference but any type of skin brushing is better than none! It is recommended to do Primary Back Stretch prior to the CRT brushing sequence and you'll stimulate elimination even more.

Actually, the movements done during the first 15 minutes of the T-Tapp Total Workout are fundamental in rebuilding your body's primary functions. When primary body functions work, your "machine" can properly digest, assimilate and eliminate. These are the basics for a better body and a healthier baby the T-Tapp way.

For even more added benefit for the skin, the propriety blend of essential oils in Skin Saver Body will help support and nourish the skin as it begins to expand to accommodate the growing baby. Several drops of Skin Saver Body in a Dead Sea salt soak will help maintain skin resiliency and elasticity. Add Bulgarian Lavender Oil in a bath as well to help relax and sooth. Slather on Skin Saver Body after getting out of the shower or tub to help prevent stretch marks.

In Closing
Remember, listen to your body and donít push yourself too hard during these first few months. You may not have a choice because your body will want to rest. Honor whatever your body is telling you and listen to it. Stay hydrated during the workouts and take lots of water breaks. The goal is to have a healthy mommy and a healthy baby!

Once again congratulations and welcome to T-Tapp Mommy Fitness!