CAT 1 WINNER - Basic Workout Plus DVD

Carrie H.

“Wow! I really needed this boost! My parents’ home flooded due to Harvey, and we have been consumed with the aftermath! I hadn’t T-Tapped in weeks and really needed a push to get back with it! I’m feeling so much better both physically and mentally!”

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Runner Ups

Marisa M.
“The benefits of the workouts have been incredible for me.  The inflammation in my arms is gone, my digestion improved (I have an appetite!), my moods have become better significantly, and the energy I feel is priceless.”
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Laura K..
“ESSAY: I’m so excited about my results! I did BWO+ 10 days in a row before traveling and then Barefoot Basics 3 of the last 4 days.”
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Julie Anne M.
“Essay: 7 days of working out and I also dry brushed and tried to go to bed by 10 pm. ”
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Rebecca L.
“I’m not new to T-Tapp, but it’s been over a year since I worked out & I’ve never completed a 14-day bootcamp, so this 2-week challenge was my motivation.”
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Kathy D.
“I’ve finished the challenge.  The results are minimal and it’s somewhat discouraging.  😒  I’ve been doing t-tapp for 2 months now, very regularly. I eat organic, and mostly clean (difficult to practice clean eating when out or in other’s homes).”
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