Kathy D.

Category 1 – Basic

Total Inches Lost: 5.5

I’ve finished the challenge.  The results are minimal and it’s somewhat discouraging.  😒  I’ve been doing t-tapp for 2 months now, very regularly. I eat organic, and mostly clean (difficult to practice clean eating when out or in other’s homes).  I don’t have inflammation issues or other health issues that would hinder weight/inch loss.  The first 6 weeks saw almost no change whatsoever.  I even attended a workshop in town, which was a total waste of money.  The workshop trainer was very sweet, but basically talked the entire time and did not do any form corrections for any of the attendees.  I had hoped for tips on form since I felt that may be what was hindering any inch loss/success.  Epic fail in my opinion and I would never do that again but rather save my money for training with master trainers.  I reached out to a master trainer and got some great form correction/tips (video chat) from her and used those during the 2 week challenge.  While there was some minimal inch loss, I honestly think that some of that may just be pulling the tape measure slightly snugger, but I’ll pretend it’s real. 😛  I can see a difference in my abdomen, so that’s encouraging!  I continue to be struggle with discouragement – though the book title claims “lose 2 sizes in 2 weeks”, at the rate I’m going, I’ll be lucky to lose one size in one year.  I plan to stick with it and am enrolled in Michelle B.’s upcoming class.  Hopefully that will  show more improvements more quickly.  I’m staying positive about the process.  I’m not a quitter and I do hope that one day (sooner than later) I can also be a success story like so many others.  How I wish I could attend the big event in FL and get some fabulous training and feedback!  Though I know that is reserved for the real success stories,I can dream!!!  ❤️  thank you for continuing to encourage all of us on the journey to fitness and health!