Category 3

Total Inches Lost: 6.5

Essay: This challenge was amazing! I’m astounded by the differences I see and feel in my body in just two short weeks of consistent T-Tapp. I can’t believe there’s only a three pound difference between these pictures. Basic Work Out Plus combined with Posture Power Walk #2 became my bread and butter, typically in the morning before work. Through the challenge, beyond the incredible physical changes to my appearance, I’ve noticed sleeping has gotten so much easier, my mood has been elevated, and I have energy that carries me through the day. I’ve started truly feeling like myself again, regaining the confidence I had lost after struggling with feelings of lethargy, anxiety, and depression that had lingered for nearly a year after a trip to Thailand. While those feelings had started significantly improving with the previous 60 day challenge, I feel almost fully recovered now. I’m having more and more days where I can show up as my best self, able to handle anything life throws at me. Regaining my mental and emotional health and fortitude has opened up my world; I’m so grateful I have the stamina to attend social events in the evenings again. T-Tapp plays a major role in my self-care practice now; the enormous sense of sanity, energy, and balance I get from it is well worth the small, fifteen minute investment. The only downside? I need to buy some new pants because my old ones are falling off me!