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Total Inches Lost: 15

I have known about T-Tapp for about 5 years, and had results when I did it for a little while in 2013. However, I got sucked into the gym hype and all the ads/mags/FB posts
about heavier, meatier workouts, so I abandoned T-Tapp for something that seemed more substantial. Clearly I didn’t get results and found it hard to stay motivated in those
workout environments. Thankfully, I had T-Tapp in my “see first” FB feed, so I always got the info, pics, news first whenever I logged on. I guess over time, the sensible
information, the results posts, the videos all just wore me down and I gave in. Right when I needed a shove in the right direction, a little overwhelmed by RE-starting
yet again – this 2 week challenge presented itself. I thought it would be a great time to just jump in and do it! I scoured the T-Tapp website for success stories and once
I could feel that “buzz” in my heart & mind – I took the BEFORE pics, dug out my old DVDs, and began. And just like that – POOF! 2 weeks have gone by!
I feel my body differently now. I notice all the muscle groups.  I walk with a tightness all over and a sort of “glide” as I mindfully tuck, tighten, lift all that I can at once!
My clothes feel looser, and most importantly, I feel like I’ve finally got a grip on this missing link in my overall weight loss project. I’ve been working on my dietary changes,
but felt very leery and misinformed about body movement. No more. The intellectual and encouraging approach to fitness has made all the difference with me.
Not to mention not having to either drive somewhere or spend an hour plus doing the workouts!

Thank you so much, Teresa!!

Jennifer Sanders