Category 3 – WINNER

Total Inches Lost: 18.25

Blown away by the inch loss. More than 18 inches in 2 weeks?! I guess it’s that muscle memory… As mentioned I had taken a bit of a hiatus from T Tapp and had been eating things that don’t agree with me and put on a lot of inches in a short amount of time – moving house and cleaning up after the builders was pretty stressful so I’m not surprised that happened…. I am sooo happy that this challenge has brought me back on track! I hadn’t realised how off track I had gotten until I took measurements and saw my photos. I am so thankful that I have T Tapp in my life as it means I can have those blips in the road and quickly get back to where I should be… This with being hypothyroid and having adrenal fatigue is pretty amazing…. For 7 years before T Tapp it was impossible for me to lose inches and I tried everything…. So thankful to Teresa Tapp and T Tapp.