Under 50 Average to Lose + Health

Pecs -4.25
Bust/Chest -1.25
Ribs -4.5
Waist -4.25
Abs -1
Hips -2.5
Right Upper Thigh -1.5
Left Upper Thigh -1.5
Right Lower Thigh -2.25
Left Lower Thigh -1.25
Right Calf -0.25
Left Calf 0
Right Upper Arm -0.5
Left Upper Arm -0.25
Total Inches Lost:
Total Inches Gained:
Total Net Inches LOST:


Health Improvements:  I am wanting to rehab my shoulder after having bursitis and tendinitis this past fall. I was unable to T-tapp for several months due to being unable to raise my right arm. I am able to raise it now, but it is still quite painful. I’m hopeful T-Tapp will make the difference! I’ve also recently relapsed with my past adrenal issues. I’m hoping T-Tapp will help lift the brain fog and give me the increase of energy I desperately need!

Essay:  Here we are again at the end of a 60 Day Challenge, and once again, I am so glad that I participated!! There is something about the accountability of a challenge and taking those dreaded before pictures that motivates me like nothing else! This year I entered the category “Average to Lose with Health Improvements” with hope of rehabilitating my right shoulder (and shedding some fluff!).

My shoulder had started bothering me last summer, and last fall I woke one morning unable to lift my right arm due to extreme pain. I soon learned I had bursitis, and the tendons and surrounding muscles and tissues were inflamed as well. Ouch! After working with my chiropractor for a few weeks, I was able to regain most of my range of motion, but it was slow going in the pain department. There were so many daily things I was unable to do because my shoulder would “catch,” and the pain would all start again.

During the fall I tried several times to T-Tapp, but in the beginning I was not able to do even the beginning stretch on Brain Body Fitness Floor because I couldn’t roll my arm over to the side. Doing minimal T-Tapp plus the lack of self-control regarding sugar throughout the holidays had me ringing in the New Year fluffier than I had hoped! Once January came I cut out the sugar, but sadly, there was no change in the way my clothes fit even after several weeks.

I knew my body was craving movement, so I was more excited than usual to begin this year’s challenge. Teresa’s quote, “Less is More” was my mantra during this challenge. I had to go slow at first as I was still “babying” my sore shoulder. I primarily rotated between Brain Body Fitness Floor sequences and Basic Workout Plus, throwing in Step it to the Max on days when I had more time or energy to devote to my workout. Almost immediately my shoulder pain began to improve. A little over a week into the challenge, I was noticing I was less puffy (Yay! My body was finally responding!), and I noted in my journal that my shoulder was feeling great! At one point early on during the challenge, I woke up with my shoulder aching and tight joints. I went to my journal to record the note and noticed I hadn’t T-Tapped in three consecutive days. Wow! T-Tapp was really making a difference!

About a month in, I noted that my shoulder wasn’t bothering me at all, and I am pleased to say that it has continued to not be an issue throughout the remainder of the challenge. Teresa, I am so thankful!! The longer I T-Tapp, the more I am convinced that Teresa is a genius. I’ve heard her say that fat accumulates where there is inactivity. Although that is contrary to what you typically hear in the fitness industry, I am now a believer. Let me tell you that there was for sure “inactivity” around my right shoulder, and I had the upper arms and back fat to prove it! So, where do you think I lost the most inches this time around? My upper body saw significant inch loss!

Another health concern I was hoping to address was stress management without exhausting my adrenals, which has been an issue for me on and off the last few years. I definitely notice a difference in my ability to juggle the everyday issues of homeschooling and raising three kids when I am consistently T-Tapping. This year, in addition to the shoulder issue, I just didn’t have the umph I have had the last two years when it came to working out. That is another reason why I went with a “Less is More” approach and tried to not burn myself out. I often just did the shorter workout (BWO+) and focused on activation. I can see that my activation continues to improve, and I am sweating more as well. Less IS more when focusing on form! I was truly amazed when I took my final measurements. I lost more this challenge than I did two years ago when I did the Total Workout three days a week!! What?! Yes, it’s true! I lost 25.25 inches! I am still in shock.

Now the real challenge begins as I seek to remain consistent!! Teresa, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Your life is one of pouring out to improve the lives of others. Please know that your generous spirit has been a gift in my life! I would be thrilled to be able to attend this year’s retreat and learn even more from you!