Pecs -4.125
Bust/Chest -4
Ribs -4.1
Waist -5.125
Abs -0.625
Hips -5.5
Right Upper Thigh -3.6
Left Upper Thigh -3.225
Right Lower Thigh -3.4
Left Lower Thigh -3.625
Right Calf -1.125
Left Calf -1.8
Right Upper Arm -2.1
Left Upper Arm -1.725
Total Inches Lost:
Total Inches Gained:
Total Net Inches LOST:


Health Improvements:  Adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance, hypoglycemic

Essay:  I am so excited to share my results but first, my measurements did not move nearly as much as I wanted them too. In fact, half way through the challenge I did a Skype session with a trainer for this reason! I was tapping 5-6 days a week faithfully and seeing very little inch loss especially around my waist and hips. I mainly did BBFF 4-5 days a week and then alternated between HHMM and More. I did notice a significant increase in strength in my ankles, this is a weak area for me and before finding t-tapp my ankle would roll at the slightest misstep or uneven ground and I would fall a lot. This hasn’t happened since starting ttapp!

After the Skype session I decided to start taking pictures every couple of weeks and then I was amazed!! The specific points I was measuring might have been moving slow, however I could clearly see I was shrinking everywhere! I then put the tape away, I measured at the end but only to input my results. I didn’t even compare them, the pics say enough for me!

I am also very pleased with the health benefits; it is slowly balancing out my hormones! My monthly cycles have returned since using HHMM faithfully for the first time in 2+ years. I’m sleeping better, actually staying asleep instead of waking up after 4 hours unable to go back to sleep. Most importantly I’m gaining my health back! After years of struggling with weight, hormone issues, low blood sugars I am making progress. I’ve tried going to the gym, went for a year quite faithfully and lost nothing! My knees couldn’t handle the stress and hurt constantly, my back ached at times too. I now know my improper alignment was doing more harm than good! I don’t have these issues with Ttapp it’s hard, but I feel so much better! I can’t thank you enough Theresa for this program that allows me to get back in shape without pain and injury! I can’t wait to see where I am in another 60 days!!