Pecs -.75
Bust/Chest -1
Ribs -1.25
Waist -.75
Abs -.25
Hips -.75
Right Upper Thigh -.25
Left Upper Thigh -0
Right Lower Thigh -.5
Left Lower Thigh -.25
Right Calf -.25
Left Calf -.25
Right Upper Arm -.25
Left Upper Arm 0
Total Inches Lost:


I have done several T-Tapp Challenges over the last few years, but I’m not sure I have ever been as pleased as I was from the results from these 2 weeks of stepping workouts. I had been consistently doing T-Tapp Basic Plus along with Awesome Legs and Diva Derriere since December 26 as well as walking about 3 miles five days a week. However, I switched gears to the walking workout for this two week challenge. I am super excited to have lost 6.5 inches in only two weeks! I was even more shocked to see that so much was lost in my bust (back). I assumed I would lose it in the legs. I really didn’t believe the pictures would show much after only two week. How wrong I was!! I was floored to actually see differences in my pictures (especially my back) after only two weeks! (I’m not sure why I was so surprised…my bras didn’t seem quite as tight and I recall buttoning a shirt that hadn’t fit in a while.)

My original plan was to do Step Away the Inches each morning before work and then Step it to the Max each afternoon. But life happened….an injured foot…my grandfather in the hospital…etc, etc. I’m just glad that I was able to usually get both workouts in each day.
Feb 15: SATI @ 6am; SATImax @ 4pm
Feb 16: SATI @ 6am; SATImax @ 4pm
Feb 17: SATI @ 6am
Feb 18: SATI followed by SATImax @ 4pm
Feb 19: SATImax @ 8am; SATI at 1pm (walked 3 miles outdoors)
Feb 20: SATImax @ 6am
Feb 21: SATI followed by SATImax @ 4pm
Feb 22: SATI followed by SATImax @ 4pm
Feb 23: SATImax @ 4pm; SATI at 6pm (walked 3 miles outdoors)
Feb 24: SATImax @ 4pm; SATI at 6pm
Feb 25: SATImax @ 8am; SATI at 5pm
Feb 26: SATImax @ 8am; SATI at 7pm
Feb 27: SATI followed by SATImax @ 10am
Feb 28: SATI followed by SATImax @ 10am (walked 3 miles outdoors)

I’m so happy, I think I will have to keep on Stepping Away the Inches! (Though I will probably add PBS, Awesome Legs, and Diva Derriere at least.) This was also a great work-out to do for just relieving stress—as this is a particularly stressful time in my job as a band director. Thank you for hosting the challenge. I enjoyed it…and look forward to the next six weeks!