Pecs -1.28
Bust/Chest -.2
Ribs -1.6
Waist -1.7
Abs -2.2
Hips -1.3
Right Upper Thigh -1.1
Left Upper Thigh -1.3
Right Lower Thigh -1.1
Left Lower Thigh -1.6
Right Calf -.6
Left Calf -.4
Right Upper Arm -0.2
Left Upper Arm 0.11
Total Inches Lost:


I really didn’t expect to have the results I’ve had in the 2 week challenge. I’ve been T Tapping consistently since June ‘16 and thought I had got as far as I was going to get – which is very far for me…. In that time I have lost almost 40 inches and 16.5 pounds. This is with being hypothyroid and having severe adrenal fatigue… I am like so many other ladies, I have tried every diet and exercise fad out there – veganism, “low carb, high fat”, “low fat, high carb”, followed a diet by a nutritionist, crossfit, bikram yoga, rollerblading, normal yoga, Pilates, the gym (for over a decade), tae bo. I feel exhausted just looking at that list ;)….

T Tapp is the only thing that has worked for me – it has been so effective and FAST!!! I thank Teresa at the end of every workout I do as she has changed my life like I truly can’t believe. I’ve lost around 1.7 inches of my calves in that time – this blows my mind. I’ve been measuring my calfs since I was a teenager and more than 20 pounds lighter, and they have never been this trim…

Now onto the 2 week challenge…. I did only SATI for 11/14 days – generally at night, around 8pm (the temperatures where I am are around 104F so it’s just too hot during the day). I am entered in the fasciablaster category, but I only ended up doing 2 light sessions so I really feel my results are down to SATI alone. I didn’t change my diet in any way.

Additional stats:
Lost 3.31 pounds
Dropped 1.3% fat
Put on 1% muscle

Although I feel like my pictures don’t show a huge change, I feel like I am on my way to meeting the improvements I wanted: I have more muscle definition in my legs – especially around the upper legs/hips – They are more defined now, not as “fluffy”.

I feel like I can finally feel what Teresa talks about now when she refers to the girdle muscles – but I don’t just feel this in my core. It’s hard to describe but I feel like I can actually feel the structure of by body – thanks to the new, denser muscles – especially in my legs (and of course core/back) – my next challenge is to start to feel this sensation in my arms.

I feel like my whole body has come alive – like I can feel the blood tingling in my legs and feet! I love this as my legs have until now felt heavy and painful to the touch.

One of my goals for the challenge was to lift my glutes and I really feel like this 2 week challenge has helped with this.

I really feel like I was also able to improve my technique and form by doing SATI pretty much everyday – I feel like I can finally tuck properly with my core, get my ribs up more easlily and engage my lats
I have really enjoyed this challenge. As mentioned in the essay, I am in the fasciablaster category, but only did 2 light blasts, so the results are from SATI, in my opinion. As I mentioned when I entered, I hope that the fasciablaster category can be split in two – as the other categories are – ie. for those with or without health challenges.