Pecs -0
Bust/Chest -.75
Ribs -2
Waist -2.5
Abs -.5
Hips -.25
Right Upper Thigh -1.25
Left Upper Thigh -5
Right Lower Thigh -.5
Left Lower Thigh -.5
Right Calf -.5
Left Calf -.5
Right Upper Arm -.5
Left Upper Arm -.3
Total Inches Lost:


I’ve been Tapping for a long time, and I know this is the best workout program ever created. Teresa has been talking core strength, lymphatic movement and healthy fascia way before they were buzzwords in the health/wellness/exercise worlds. Like everybody else, I was so skeptical when I first heard about T-Tapp. I called the office and talked with Lauren for over an hour. (She was so gracious, and patiently answered all my questions.) I ended up ordering the Total T-Tapp program including CRT.
Over the years my weight has fluctuated quite a bit with pregnancies and weight gain, we have 7 children ages 27-8. Overall, I am very healthy. Especially after Tapping healed my plantar fasciitis. My doctor told me I was one of the healthiest pregnant women he had at his practice. I was 44 at the time. Now at 53, I am noticing little aches and pains and I realize that I need to lose this weight for good and strengthen my body to continue to enjoy good health.
This is the 3rd 60- day T-Tapp Challenge that I’ve started. I will finish this one. ha. Having already completed the mini 2 week walking challenge was a great start. My goals for the walking challenge were to be consistent with SATI while listening to my body. Taking care of myself with T-Tapp body brushing, and magnesium oil baths, getting quality sleep and drinking plenty of water. I also watched what I ate, sticking with 3 meals per day with no snacking in between. I am very pleased with my 2 week results! Losing 11.25 inches all over with 2.50 inches off my waist! This is going to jumpstart me to my goals of being a healthy weight and size. Thank you Teresa Tapp!
I really enjoyed this years’ 2 week mini challenge within the 60-day challenge. I seem to do better when my larger goals are broken down into smaller goals so this was great!