Pecs -0.5
Bust/Chest -0.25
Ribs -0.125
Waist -1.875
Abs -4.375
Hips -1.5
Right Upper Thigh -1
Left Upper Thigh -0.875
Right Lower Thigh -0.75
Left Lower Thigh -0.375
Right Calf -0.25
Left Calf -0.25
Right Upper Arm -0.25
Left Upper Arm -0.25
Total Inches Lost:
Total Inches Gained:
Total Net Inches LOST:


Health Improvements:  Hormone balance, increased energy and reduce sugar intake.

Essay:  As a child growing up on a farm I remember my dad having a huge toolbox filled with tools. I’ll admit, I wasn’t a very good “go-fer.” I had no clue most of the time and honestly didn’t even want to know how all those tools were used, but my dad did. He had quite a collection and a purpose for all of them. Some he used often, others not so much. Many were special for certain jobs, and many times he would try one and when it didn’t work to his liking, he’d use another. And like most of us, when he found one that worked, it became a favorite and was used more often than not.

Don’t we all have our own “toolbox” we carry with us everyday? Whether it’s for feeding a large family on a small budget, getting along with people, successfully getting the “To Do” list done, getting or keeping in shape, or just about anything else, most all of us have our tips, tricks, or theories on how to do just about anything. I’m so glad T-Tapp joined my toolbox almost eight years ago, and even more than that, I’m thankful that I’ve grown and learned so much more along the way. Have I “arrived?” By no means! But I am gathering a variety of T-Tapp tools, and no matter what the situation, I’ve found a T-Tapp answer.

Over the last eight years I’ve started and stopped T-Tapp many times. My gratefulness comes from knowing that WHEN I start back with T-Tapp I KNOW I will see improvement. This was my third challenge and boy was it a challenging Challenge this year! From starting with a rolled ankle, to getting my mother-in-law through hip surgery in the middle, to finishing the last five days traveling around 1300 miles by car mostly by myself, I’ve used the tools afforded me from T-Tapp.

From my own personal T-Tapp Toolbox over the last 60 days I’ve used: Full Workouts: Healthy Hormones Menopause Management (full workout 3 times, once with towel; parts 4 times) Finger and Foot Fitness (twice, amazing help for my ankle) Tempo Arms (once) Shorter workouts: More Sitting (first week, to accommodate my rolled ankle) Brain Body Fitness Floor (sequence 1 twice, sequence 2 three times) Quickies: (any of the following, sometimes by themselves, sometimes combined and/or done multiple times a day, but some form of these done EVERY DAY) Curl the Core Ribs Up! Primary Back Stretch Thread the Needle T-Tapp Twist Hoedowns (regular, happy, uptown) T-Tapp Tuesday’s Standing Stretch T-Tapp Tuesday’s No-Jump Jumping Jacks Body brushing. The most I did in one day was Healthy Hormones Menopause Management with Thread the Needle and Uptown Hoedowns added later that day.

I know many women (and even men and kids!) will have much greater results from this Challenge. I’m so happy for them. T-Tapp is not just a game-changer; it’s a life-changer! Whether I win and get to go to Safety Harbor or not, I have gained: improved health, energy, better fitting clothes, improved posture both sitting and standing, and should I call it a “billboard?”

During this Challenge I’ve been asked to give pointers to a friend who for insurance reasons needed to have a smaller waist/abdomen (Organs in Place/Half Frogs to the rescue!), I also got to introduce T-Tapp to a new friend (using the T-Tapp Tuesday moves that I LOVE!), and on the final Sunday I received multiple complements from people who hadn’t seen me in years! However, the biggest takeaway this challenge for me was being able to use T-Tapp moves in the car, at stops, and anywhere along the way of my unexpected road trip. Curl the Core, east-west breathing, shoulder rolls, my “car hoedowns,” and as Trisch Richardson would say, “Ribs up, ribs up, ribs up!” These gave me a quick pick-me-up and kept me going, which in turn got me on down the road.

I have eight children ranging from 28 to 8. Our four adult children are scattered from Anchorage, Alaska to Denver, CO, to Dallas, to Houston, TX and the four younger ones are still at home. I’m 53 years old and I am in better health now, even having gone through menopause, than I’ve been in 30 years. Thank you, Teresa, for your knowledge, your passion, your generosity, and your desire to always give us more and more! Because of you, “Yes, I can!” 

Comments At the beginning of this challenge my biggest concern was my waist/hips/thighs. While I did see my biggest loss in this area, somewhere in the middle of the challenge I caught a glimpse in the mirror of my backside. Oh. My! On to my new challenge, mainly my back of thighs (I’m concentrating more on purposefully brushing this area well for the cellulite and getting to BBFF more.) and my bra pudge (got to get those lats working). I love how T-Tapp equips us and allows us to target our individual needs! T-Tapp for L