Pecs -2.5
Bust/Chest -0.8
Ribs -1.5
Waist -6
Abs -3.75
Hips -2
Right Upper Thigh -0.75
Left Upper Thigh -0.75
Right Lower Thigh -1
Left Lower Thigh -1
Right Calf -1
Left Calf -1
Right Upper Arm -1
Left Upper Arm -1
Total Inches Lost:
Total Inches Gained:
Total Net Inches LOST:


Essay:  The first ten days of the challenge were spent mostly in bed nursing what I thought was a cold or flu. I rallied and was able to attend Saturday and Sunday of the Wellness weekend with Teresa. While there, I made arrangements to meet with one of the doctors who gave a lecture.

Waiting for appointments and test results, I established a pattern of working out using mostly Turn Back Time Standing or Step It To The Max every day for about five days and then I’d be sick for a few days to a week before starting the cycle again.

When I finally got my blood test results, I understood the problem. I’ve been suffering from chronic Lyme Disease for 18 years and it’s better to get exercise with this disease. What I didn’t know was that the Lyme had reactivated an old virus, which requires rest to get better. Once I understood that I needed balance between rest and exercise, I adjusted my workouts to be spread throughout the day. I focused on using Turn Back Time Standing and Core Floor.

Using full muscle activation in my arms and back were causing muscle spasms, so I had to activate less even though I really wanted to work on my back and arms. I decided to focus on my bottom half since there were no muscle issues there. I have to admit that when I received an e-mail a few days ago saying that we should complete our entry even though w we may feel like we didn’t accomplish much, that was exactly what I had been thinking!

When I measured today, I was totally surprised! I know the T-Tapp mantra is that weight doesn’t matter, but I have to say that I felt bad that I hadn’t lost a single pound during the challenge. I did equate that to mean that I couldn’t have lost many inches. I was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! ☺ I do want to say that I listened to the webcast replays by Renee or YouTube videos by Teresa when I wasn’t feeling well. That helped me to feel connected to the process and of course, was highly informative.

I also really appreciated being given an e-mail pal. We shared and set goals with each other. It was a nice way of having check-ins to stay consistent. I look forward to the challenge every year. I do better when there are goals and deadlines, so it’s a great opportunity for me to stay consistent. What I would love to have is a one-year challenge where we have to enter our numbers and photos every two months. I wouldn’t care if the prize was a box of buttons – I would enter! Thank you to the trainers, staff, and Teresa for putting this together and being so supportive!

Mary Steignesser