Pecs -1.5
Bust/Chest -0.75
Ribs -3.5
Waist -6.75
Abs -5.25
Hips -1.625
Right Upper Thigh -1.75
Left Upper Thigh -2.375
Right Lower Thigh -1.5
Left Lower Thigh -1
Right Calf -0.75
Left Calf -1
Right Upper Arm -1.75
Left Upper Arm -1.75
Total Inches Lost:
Total Inches Gained:
Total Net Inches LOST:


Essay:   It was a sad story in the beginning of the Challenge. The third day after last year’s challenge, I twisted my left ankle and torn a ligament at work. The injuries was almost 80% better after 3 month of consistent T-Tapp, but my superior wanted me to go to the government physical therapy. Well, my problem started there and then, the physical therapist wanted me to stop T-Tapp so that their exercise could take effect. What do you know? My injuries worsen.

My 6 years old injury that was healed after 4 years of T-Tapp acted up too. I went to a chiropractor on my own and confirmed that I have fissures at the talus. So, I went back to ask the physical therapist about this new injuries, and she said my therapy for the ankle was over. I really did not mind concluding the ordeal, her exercise over-extended and put too much pressure on my entire ankle and foot repeatedly for 6 months. My shin, the side of my ankle and my Achilles tendon were starting to hurt. In fact, my perfectly fine other foot also starting to hurt. I insisted that they sent me to have MRI, CT Scan or Ultrasound to see the extend of the current recovery and injuries stage.

After 3 months, the test result finally came back and confirmed what my chiropractor said. Although the new foot doctors could not figure out how to fix the issue they created along with my old injuries, they asked me not to enter the T-Tapp challenge. They insisted that I should rest and keep my left foot bound and casted to stabilize the Talus, Tibia and Fibula. Reflecting on my 5 years’ experience with T-Tapp, I decided the doctors knew less than Teresa and they knew nothing about T-Tapp; T-Tapp had been my tried and true pain management and health improvement system for 5 years.

So, I started T-Tapp again after 6 months and entered the challenge. This time, I started with More every other day. My left foot was not stable, and I slowed my movement much slower than More (I used to do Tempo Basic almost every day for 4 years). I practiced the movement element by element patiently this time around. One day around a month into the Challenge, I woke with a painful right shoulder and back, It was too painful to get up and walk, I was forced to have bed rest.

So I started thinking about the mattress and my daily posture needed improvement. Then, I started thinking about my form and alignment with T-Tapp. I realized my dive in PBS was not straight and I leaned forward and my shoulders were not square at arm pump. At Oil Well, my elbows were not forward and my knees were not bending deep enough. I started fixing my form right away. I found out if I do More 3 times in a row, I can correct my form and alignment and my feet are stable. I found out Awesome Leg also helped my feet recover. When I fixed my form, I feel better overall and I am not constipated.

Finally, in the last two weeks of the Challenge, I can pump straight arms with no pronation at Primary Back Stretch, which I was not able to do for 5 years. My feet felt great and I didn’t need to wrap my left feet anymore. In the last 5 days of the Challenge, I did More 3 times in a row with Awesome Legs added in the middle each day. This routine help my feet pain free for an entire day. On April 22, I was able to do 20 Hoe Down before bed. Just the last 5 days, I lost almost a size and my husband was shocked. T-Tapp to the rescue again, and this time, the healing power is undeniable and fast. I am excited once again. Thank you, Teresa.