Pecs -0.75
Bust/Chest -1.5
Ribs -2.5
Waist -2.5
Abs -3.5
Hips -2
Right Upper Thigh -1.25
Left Upper Thigh -1
Right Lower Thigh -0.75
Left Lower Thigh -1.5
Right Calf -1
Left Calf -1.75
Right Upper Arm 0
Left Upper Arm 0
Total Inches Lost:
Total Inches Gained:
Total Net Inches LOST:


Health Improvements:   I am looking for Health Improvements for: Hypothyroidism, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, and Osteoarthritis. I first found out about T-tapp when I saw Teresa on PBS with Mary Shoman about 2 years ago. Since I have hypothyroidism and find it difficult to lose weight, I was very interested in finding an exercise system that I could use successfully.

I ordered Basic Workout Plus, but I never got started because my whole world turned upside down for the next two years. My daughter’s struggle with depression and anxiety ended with her death as a young woman. So as I tried to cope with this tragedy, not only did I not exercise, but my health declined at an alarming rate. My thyroid levels would not stabilize, my blood pressure was out of control, I gained weight and the arthritis got so bad that my podiatrist thought the bones in my feet were breaking. I was prescribed a lot of medication and the doctor wanted to fuse the bones in my feet to stabilize them, but I think there is a better way to rebuild my health through exercise and life style changes.

I am already noticing a difference in my foot pain by standing in the correct T-tapp stance. This gives me hope and I am excited about life for the first time in two years. In fact, my new found enthusiasm started when I read Teresa’s book and found Renee McLaughlin’s Form Intensive class online about six weeks ago. Not only have I learned the correct form for the exercises, I have benefited tremendously from being a part of Renee’s online community. I know I will be successful with the 60 Day Challenge! I will rebuild my health physically and mentally; as well as help others who may be struggling with issues that keep them trapped in the past. I thank God for leading me to T-tapp!

Essay:  I feel like I have won an important race because I finished the 60 Day Challenge; I told myself that the only way to fail was to not finish the Challenge!! I began my journey as a broken person in body and spirit. I was battling osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure and signs of depression due to the untimely death of my daughter. I was facing surgery to fuse the bones in my feet, and I had become more sedentary because of my inability to walk more than a little ways without severe pain. Thus, extra unwanted pounds added to my misery.

To give you a little background on how I became acquainted with T-tapp, let’s go back about three years. I was watching Teresa and Mary Shomon on PBS featuring the T-tapp workout and how it could help restore normal thyroid function. It motivated me to order Total Workout Plus, the Hands and Feet DVD and the DVD where Teresa is teaching at a seminar. T-tapp opened a new world of possibility to me for healing.

However, I wanted to do everything perfectly, so I soon put the DVDs on the shelf because I could not seem to make my body do the moves correctly. As a former middle and high school principal, I knew how to plan, set smart goals, and do whatever it took to succeed. So why couldn’t I do a simple workout? I learned later that the comprehensive moves were not simple!

Before I could pursue the answer, my daughter lost her battle with anxiety and depression, and with her death, my mental and physical health hit bottom. My faith in God was strong, and I knew He would bring me through. As I prayed for a way to get a fresh start, T-tapp kept coming to my mind. I knew what I needed to do to get started, but by this time all of my ailments had exacerbated due to the stress of dealing with my grief; and my body and mind could not begin anything new.

The osteoarthritis was so severe in my feet that my podiatrist felt surgery to fuse the bones was a good option. However, I wanted to avoid surgery at all cost. So I wore the orthopedic boots on both feet for five months, and endured steroid shots in my feet for weeks. When I was able to graduate from the boots to regular shoes, I knew the time was right for me to pursue my goal of using T-tapp to help rebuild my health. I needed to move my body, but I also needed to get connected with a community of ladies who had similar goals of restoring and maintaining optimal health.

There is healing for the soul when we fellowship with others who have the same purpose of facing life with a positive attitude. And I am living proof that this God-inspired solution worked! I went to the T-tapp website and studied all the products, events, forums and testimonials. I gathered all the information I needed to set my fitness goals, and purchase what I needed to get started. I signed up for Renee McLaughlin’s Form Intensive Class, bought the More Rehab DVD, the Sr Fit DVD, the Alfalfa supplement, the PG spray for endurance and the skin brushing system that my acupuncture doctor had already told me was excellent to activate the lymphatic system.

In January, 2016 when I began training with Renee, I was a total beginner with T-tapp. Since my reason for taking the online course was to learn T-tapp correctly, I decided that the 60 Day Challenge would be an excellent training camp to prepare me for a lifetime journey of fitness. I am so glad I took the course and entered the Challenge. I have achieved my goal of learning to walk correctly using the basic stance as a guide. If I didn’t achieve anything else, this was worth it. Walking correctly has greatly relieved the pain and actually allowed healing and better circulation in my feet. I no longer take medication for this condition. It makes perfect sense to me that achieving health in the feet is foundational for all other health benefits in the body, including freedom of pain when walking, ability to lose inches and to tone areas of concern. I plan to incorporate the Hands and Feet DVD into my workout routine in the near future, as well as the Sr. Fit.

However, since I am new to T-tapp, I decided to master one video for the Challenge, and I chose More Rehab because I felt it would be gentle on my feet. I did the workout, as well as the Chair exercises, the Broom exercises, and the Stepping exercises. I did two twelve day bootcamps using this DVD to begin the Challenge and then I did two to three workouts a week when I could.

However, I had a setback that altered my ability to do the workouts as planned. I have the privilege of being a caregiver for my mother, and during this time she had health issues that resulted in my having to stay with her in her home, and then see her hospitalized and sent for rehab in a nursing home. She lives about 300 miles from me, so I had frequent trips and extensive coordinating efforts to have other caregivers help me. But I kept exercising daily; if I couldn’t use the DVD I did primary back stretch, plies, hoe down; and I dug my feet into the floor when I sat down with my tummy pulled in and my lats tightened. Also I pushed and pulled on everything that crossed my path! I was was determined to keep the isometric affect in operation.

My other health conditions have also improved My doctor agreed to lower my thyroid medication 15 milligrams, although he was reluctant because he said I would probably gain weight. However, I lost six pounds and tests show my thyroid is functioning optimally!This has motivated me to use Teresa’s plan for God versus Man made food to lose the rest of the weight. I have gone from size 18 to 14, and I plan to lose two more sizes. My blood pressure is in normal range, and I take a low dosage medication for it.

One of the most important outcomes is my sense of well being; I would call it “being comfortable in my own skin.” I have peace and joy, and I feel so good in general. Since T-tapp increases oxygen in the blood, it gives an energy boost; which increases stamina! When I take care of myself, I have a stronger body to help others, as well as a better disposition. As a final word, I would like to thank Teresa for using her incredible gift from God to help so many people achieve optimal health. I love it when she says, “Yes you can!” Now I am saying “Yes I can!”