Pecs -1
Bust/Chest -2.5
Ribs -1.5
Waist -3
Abs -3
Hips -3
Right Upper Thigh -1.5
Left Upper Thigh -1.5
Right Lower Thigh -2
Left Lower Thigh -2
Right Calf -1
Left Calf -1
Right Upper Arm -0.5
Left Upper Arm -1
Total Inches Lost:
Total Inches Gained:
Total Net Inches LOST:


Health Improvements: I suffer from intensive and debilitating migraine attacks. I also suspect that I have an undiagnosed Adrenal Fatigue. My thyroid is slow, and I have hormonal imbalance.

Essay:  My name is Yael, I am 31 YO, I live in Israel and I am about to finish my academic degree in Art and Education. It was approximately a year ago, when I decided to make a change in my life. I didn’t know how big the change was going to be. I just knew that life couldn’t go on with so much pain and suffering as I experienced. I didn’t feel like myself, It was as if I was a stranger in my own world, as if it was not my body and my life.

Few out of many examples – I gained 55 pounds, I was depressed and felt physically weak ( I suspected adrenal fatigue but it was not diagnosed officially). To top it of, I had some episodes of fainting, and I then understood that a change must take place. One day when I was visiting my parents home, my mom, who is a T-Tapper, said that she was going to workout. Without a second thought, as a voice in me was taking over, I said: “I am joining you”. The rest is history… as the saying goes.

I’ll tell you first the health challenges I wanted to overcome this last year and then about the results I have achieved:

  1. Fatigue. I started ,as I said, in March 2015. I had to practice T-Tapp very slowly because at the beginning I couldn’t finish even half a DVD. There were times when I had to take a break and to rest after the PBS. After several weeks I improved so much that I could endure more efforts and finally I am so happy to be able to workout from the beginning to the end, completing a whole workout.
  1. Posture. Since my childhood I always heard that I was not standing “straight”. It took me a while to understand what that meant – my muscle tone was low from birth. I was leaning forward with my upper body (head included) and could not hold a correct posture being upright. Also my legs are weak so I don’t have a strong enough base to support my upper body. That in turn influenced my body and mind. I felt “squashed”. Meaning my self confidence was very low. I did try several modalities and physical therapies as well as Alexander Method but sadly I did not succeeded improving it – until the last year, when I started T-Tapp.

T-Tapp created a big change and that is why I decided to join in to the challenge. The focus I chose was posture. It is my main goal this year. It was the first time, during this 60 day challenge, that I could feel and get a sense of my bone structure and that the muscles are supported by it and vice versa. It was an enormous change. As a result I can see now that my posture is improving and even people around me cannot ignore the change and they have started to comment.

During the challenge process I learned to isolate my upper back (shoulder blade) from the lumbar (lower back). Even more important than the outer results is the inner feeling I now own which is that there are two systems – the bones and the muscles which are working together and supporting each another.

  1. Weight (inch) loss. Another outstanding result of T-Tapp was losing the 55 pounds, which I gained during the previous 3 years. I lost altogether 6 sizes. Now I am size 6 (down from 18). This process started a year ago, however in this 60 days challenge, while I tweaked and corrected my form even more, I succeeded to lose another 24.5 inches. I am thrilled. I reached back the body I had before my deterioration.
  1. Migraine attacks. It has been more than 20 years that I have been suffering from Migraine attacks. These attacks were debilitating and ruined my life. I couldn’t commit to anything. Not to jobs, not to school etc. I was nocked down 2-3 times a week with migraine attacks and couldn’t function at all. Over the years I have found minor help, like eating a gluten and sugar free diet. I tried all healing methods existed on this planet to solve this migraines, both conventional and complementary medicine. No stone was unturned but all in vain. It was terrible and there was no solution that helped me to end an attack once it had begun. During the last year, since I started T-Tapp I felt some relief in the intensity and frequency of the attacks, which enabled me to try to workout even under a painful migraine. In the last two months I decided to exercise even while I am suffering, and I found out that the pain was gone!!! It happened 5 times during the challenge. It was like a miracle to me and now it gives me hope of overcoming the migraines.
  1. Endurance. I am looking forward to working on my endurance, which still is a challenge to me. I have been working out with several trainers: Gergana Radovich, Renee McLoghlin and Trisch Richardson. I took part and learnt a lot in Gergana’s workshops while she visited Israel, which were amazing, I also continues to work out with her while she was staying as a guest at our home. Later, I continued working with her and with Renee and Trisch via Skype, and I am so grateful for the help and teaching I got from all of them.

A special thanks are going to my mom’s friend Noa Spector -Flock, who has been accompanying us during this challenge almost daily. I cannot express enough how significant it was and how thankful I am for all the teaching I received. I used to workout with most of the DVDs, standing and floor for my workouts. The focus was on Senior Fit, Lady Bug, Brain Body, Turn Back Time, and during the last 2 weeks of the challenge I discovered that the Broom WO was very efficient for working on my posture, so I focused on that as well. I feel so much better now and I look forward to a clearer, lighter and happier horizon.

I am now open to all the possibilities that life has to offer with joy. I feel like my challenge has only begun.. but now I have hope and direction. Thank you Teresa from the bottom of my heart for being part in changing my life and for the hope that I can get better and better.