Aurora Y.

OVER 50 – Average to Lose

Pecs 3
Bust/Chest 1.5
Ribs 2
Waist 2.5
Abs 3.5
Hips 1.5
Right Upper Thigh 1.5
Left Upper Thigh 1.5
Right Lower Thigh 1
Left Lower Thigh 1
Right Calf 0.25
Left Calf 0.25
Right Upper Arm 1
Left Upper Arm 1
Total Inches Lost:  21.5


Essay:  My name is Aurora and I entered 60-Day Challenge annually like other people running 5K or 10K, except I will not have injuries and I will end up definitely slimmer.

T-Tapp is a sport to me and I like it when I do it. It gives me many benefits for health, morale, and physical image. This year I entered into the 50 year and above category and I am not sure why times flies so fast. Here I am, I have done T-Tapp for almost 7 years and I have reaped multitude of benefits beyond pain management, knee rehab, size losses. I gain health benefit and confidence with T-Tapp.

I have a lot of emotional ups and downs, I have a lot of stress from work and from my marital life, and I am in the deep of perimenopause. I have not done workouts seriously for almost two years (after the 2015 challenge, I have faced many can’t get myself to workout thing). It is kind of funny for someone who loves T-Tapp and wanted to be a trainer. Now, I know, it is depression.

60 Days Challenge kicks the depression off the curb, I am now looking forward to next 60 Days for another challenge, I am strong enough to face whatever life is going to offer. I am ready for a new life ahead of me no matter how difficult it is going to be.
I did 40-days’ worth of workouts, long and short… on average of 36 mins per session, in the total of 25.5 hours. I lost 21 inches…
The workouts are mostly the stepping workouts (include the Broom) and Core Floor. When I was sick and in a bad mood (that happens often), I stuck with the stepping variety. The first 14 days were 12 stepping sessions and I lost 10.5 inches. A total of about 7 hours and on average of 35 mins per session.

From March 1st to April 15, I did a mix of workout from stepping, the Broom, Turn Back Time Standing and 8 stepping workout. I don’t always do the whole DVD. There were long and short workout time and on average of 37 mins.
During this challenge, I did a 4 days Step it to the Max bootcamp (full 30 mins) and I did a 4 days Core Floor bootcamp (full 50 mins session). I am happy to say that I did not crash and my adrenal has recovered quite well. I no long have the horrible skin condition because of hormonal acne and fibromyalgia issue. When I got the flu and was sick for 2 weeks, I only got the skin irritations for 2 days, the stepping helped moving things out (I did not suffer 2 week of knife stabbing pain and horrible rashes and bumps on my face). T-Tapp’s lymphatic and healing power is something I know well. Even if I don’t want to workout, I know the stepping will help me to get rid of the flu and migraine a lot faster.
Thank you, Teresa.

Workout Journal

T-Tapp Workout 24.5
Day 1 15-Feb Wednesday 27 PPW 27
Day 2 16-Feb Thursday 27PPW 27
Day 3 17-Feb Friday 15PPW 15
Day 4 18-Feb Saturday
Day 5 19-Feb Sunday SITTM 30 30
Day 6 20-Feb Monday SITTM 30 30
Day 7 21-Feb Tuesday SITTM 30 30
Day 8 22-Feb Wednesday SITTM 30 30
Day 9 23-Feb Thursday 27PPW 27
Day 10 24-Feb Friday
Day 11 25-Feb Saturday 27PPW +SITTM 84
Day 12 26-Feb Sunday 27PPW + 42 PPW 69
Day 13 27-Feb Monday 15PPW 15
Day 14 28-Feb Tuesday 42PPW 42
Day 15 1-Mar Wednesday 15PPW 15
Day 16 2-Mar Thursday TBT S 37 37
Day 17 3-Mar Friday
Day 18 4-Mar Saturday 15PPW 15
Day 19 5-Mar Sunday 27PPW 27
Day 20 6-Mar Monday
Day 21 7-Mar Tuesday
Day 22 8-Mar Wednesday
Day 23 9-Mar Thursday
Day 24 10-Mar Friday
Day 25 11-Mar Saturday 27 PPW 27
Day 26 12-Mar Sunday
Day 27 13-Mar Monday 15PPW 15
Day 28 14-Mar Tuesday
Day 29 15-Mar Wednesday 27PPW 27
Day 30 16-Mar Thursday 27PPW 27
Day 31 17-Mar Friday 27PPW 27
Day 32 18-Mar Saturday
Day 33 19-Mar Sunday SATI 23 23
Day 34 20-Mar Monday SATI 24 24
Day 35 21-Mar Tuesday Core Floor 50
Day 36 22-Mar Wednesday Core Floor 50
Day 37 23-Mar Thursday Core Floor 50
Day 38 24-Mar Friday Core Floor 50
Day 39 25-Mar Saturday
Day 40 26-Mar Sunday TBT S 37 37
Day 41 27-Mar Monday TBT S 37 37
Day 42 28-Mar Tuesday Tempo HTF 27
Day 43 29-Mar Wednesday TBT S 37 37
Day 44 30-Mar Thursday Broom 2&2 47
Day 45 31-Mar Friday
Day 46 1-Apr Saturday
Day 47 2-Apr Sunday
Day 48 3-Apr Monday
Day 49 4-Apr Tuesday Broom 1&1 49
Day 50 5-Apr Wednesday Broom 1&2 63
Day 51 6-Apr Thursday
Day 52 7-Apr Friday
Day 53 8-Apr Saturday
Day 54 9-Apr Sunday Broom #1 & 1 49
Day 55 10-Apr Monday
Day 56 11-Apr Tuesday Core Floor 50
Day 57 12-Apr Wednesday PPW15 15
Day 58 13-Apr Thursday PPW27 + Core Floor 77
Day 59 14-Apr Friday PPW28 28
Day 60 15-Apr Saturday Core Floor + PPW 15 65