Belinda R.

UNDER 50 – Average to Lose

Pecs 2.5
Bust/Chest 2.5
Ribs 3
Waist 3
Abs 1
Hips 2
Right Upper Thigh 2
Left Upper Thigh 1
Right Lower Thigh -0.5
Left Lower Thigh -0.5
Right Calf 0
Left Calf 0.5
Right Upper Arm 0.5
Left Upper Arm 1
Total Inches Lost:  18


Essay:  I started my T-Tapp journey in the Summer of 2015. I purchased the Basic Workout, 15 Minute Tempo, and several other videos and I can say that there were times that I consistently did the workouts. There were times when I did not do the workouts at all. I decided to enter the 60 Day Challenge in 2017 because I wanted to not only challenge myself, but I wanted to consistently keep track of my workouts. I primarily did the Basic Workout Plus and on some days I did the Basic Workout Plus Tempo and every now and then, I did Step Away the Inches. I must say that I completed the workouts a few days a week, and I became more consistent toward the end of the challenge. I will admit I do have issues with procrastination and consistency in every aspect of my life. However, I have been following the T-Tapp forums, Facebook posts as well as the blogs of T-Tapp trainers such as Renee McLaughlin. Everyone says that consistency is key. I probably will not win or place in this challenge. That is OK. I feel very good when I do the T-Tapp workouts. I feel energized and I always break a sweat. This 60 Day challenge has prompted me to stay on the T-Tapp Journey. I will now commit to doing T-Tapp workouts four days per week. Thank you for this opportunity.