Beverly T.

OVER 50 – Health Improvements

Pecs 1.25
Bust/Chest 0.5
Ribs 2
Waist 2
Abs -0.125
Hips 1.625
Right Upper Thigh 0.5
Left Upper Thigh -0.25
Right Lower Thigh -0.75
Left Lower Thigh -0.375
Right Calf 0
Left Calf 0.125
Right Upper Arm 1
Left Upper Arm 0.125
Total Inches Lost:  7.625


Essay:  This is my third time around for the T-Tapp Challenge. My main goal is to incorporate TTapp during the day by applying the techniques in my everyday life. I feel great every time I finish a workout. I did several of the workouts such as TTapp Basic Workouts Without Instruction and Step Away the Inches. I really enjoy doing the Power Walk tape and Ladybug. The Ladybug workout helps with hormones so this is great for me since it helps balance my hormones.

I initially was introduced to T-Tapp while reading a book by Mary Shannon that dealt with Menopause. The book was entitled, The Menopause Thyroid Solution: Overcome Menopause by Solving Your Hidden Thyroid Problems by Mary J. Shomon. At the age of 41, I went for a doctors appointment and was told I had a goiter. My thyroid was enlarged and I had several modules that needed to be examined. I was sent to have a biopsy in order to see if anything was wrong. They were not able to find anything at the time. However, this started my journey in researching everything for the thyroid when I came across Mary J.

Shomon’s book. I remember reading it as we were traveling to visit relatives where I came to the section on T-Tapp and I was intrigued. It mentioned something about the hormones and how doing the T-Tapp method would help. I enjoy reading up on things so I started researching T-Tapp.

I found some of the moves on Youtube and on the T-Tapp website. I did the Hoe Downs and other moves but I wanted to be able to do more. I ordered the Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes and read throughout the book. I wanted to be able to do the moves so I studied to see how to do them correctly. I started out doing the Basic Workout since the DVD was included.

At one point I started gaining a lot of weight. I felt so tired all the time that I wanted to just sleep all day. I did not want to really do much of anything. I found an alternative doctor that helped me to be able to lose a lot of the weight. I felt so much better.

I had discovered that I had Adrenal Fatigue. I was able to recover through diet along with taking supplements. This has helped tremendously to be able to keep the weight off. However, I am still not toned.

I wanted to do the challenge the third time around so that T-Tapp would be a regular feature for me to be able to incorporate into my routine. I am highly motivated when the challenge comes around each year. Another reason why I wanted to do this challenge is because I began to feel like I was getting the symptoms I had in the past of Adrenal Fatigue. I was starting to put on weight and feeling tired like before. I have also been having issues with my knees. I am on the mend as I incorporate TTapp moves throughout the day along with the TTapp DVD’s. Sometimes life gets so busy that we do not have time to make time for ourselves. I find that it is important to maintain a regular routine of exercise. I like that T-Tapp does not have to take up a lot of time. It is true that we can get Fit and Fabulous in just 15 Minutes. I still have more to go but I feel great each and every step along the way. I am finding that as I do T-Tapp more each week that I can feel the muscle activation in areas that I did not notice when I first started. It is amazing that I am still learning to do each of the moves and feeling things in areas I did not feel before. Each time I am exercising, I realize that as I hear Teresa’s voice saying what to do with each move on one of the DVD’s that I am feeling more muscle activation. I can correct my form and concentrate on activating the muscles to get the most out of each workout since Teresa states throughout what to do. I like when she says it is a brain body workout so I have to make sure I listen as I am doing each move. I tell everyone about TTapp since I have seen the benefits it has provided for me. I will continue to incorporate T-Tapp in my daily routine so I can be Fit and Fabulous just like Teresa.

I have enjoyed doing the T-Tapp Challenge. This is a highlight of the year for me. It gives me the motivation to continue on this journey in getting Fit and Fabulous. I feel better when I incorporate T-Tapp in my life. I am very grateful to Teresa that I have found the best workout available. It has helped me with my Adrenal Fatigue and my knee issues. I feel like I am getting stronger. I was not able to do some of the moves initially. It is exciting to be able to see as I continue to do the moves that I am able to do the ones I could not do in the past. It is also exciting to know that my body is healing. I will be forever grateful to Teresa for being such a caring person to help women from all different walks of life to get Fit and Fabulous.