Carrie H.


Pecs 1.5
Bust/Chest 1.5
Ribs 1
Waist 3.75
Abs 1.25
Hips 0.25
Right Upper Thigh 0.75
Left Upper Thigh 0.5
Right Lower Thigh 0.75
Left Lower Thigh 0.75
Right Calf 0.5
Left Calf 0.25
Right Upper Arm 0.5
Left Upper Arm 0.5
Total Inches Lost:  13.75


Essay:  Sixty days can sure fly by in a hurry! This was my fourth T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge, and once again, I am amazed and encouraged by what your workout accomplishes in my body when I am consistent!

I am so glad that you offered the FasciaBlasting category this year. I first learned about the FasciaBlaster last year at the retreat when I heard some of the ladies talking about it. Once I was back home, I did a little research online and finally ordered one for myself. I truly believe that it complements and enhances T-Tapp as it really made a difference in loosening up areas where I used to be so tight. I have seen the most improvement in the range of motion in my hips (I can finally get my knee all the way up on Brain Body Fitness Floor Sequence 3!) and in loosening up my upper chest area so that I can get my shoulders back further. I also feel I have better access to my muscles during my workouts. I’m feeling things “fire” that I previously did not notice such as my abs tightening when I do head rocks.

Before I knew the categories for this year’s challenge, I had considered a walking category, so I was excited that you offered the “challenge within the challenge” this year! Within those first two weeks, I lost inches in my upper body. I feel like Step It to the Max really works my arms – they are TIRED afterwards! While I did enjoy the two week walking challenge, I was happy to return to the floor on week 3! I just LOVE Brain Body Fitness Floor! For the rest of the challenge, I alternated floor workouts with Basic Workout Plus (and an occasional Total Workout). I also tried to get in a few more sessions of Step It to the Max on days where I had more time. Truth is … I love them ALL for different reasons and loved having so many choices!

I generally eat healthy(ish!) most of the time, but for some reason, I have been eating terribly this challenge. This is the worst I’ve eaten during any challenge so far and probably the worst I’ve eaten in the last several years. Period. It seems everything has been a “special occasion” and an excuse to splurge – ugh! Yes, I’ve still eaten gluten and sugar free due to allergies/sensitivities, but tacos, chips, and salsa have become regular fare. But you know what, sometimes that’s real life, so instead of beating myself up, I’m going to be happy with my “real life results.”

And speaking of results, the power of T-Tapp to transform lives and bodies was at work again! Even with my less than clean eating, I still lost 13.75 inches, and I lost in every place of measurement. My biggest loss was in my waist where I lost 3.75 inches! I’m working hard to say goodbye to my muffin top! I’ve also noticed a profound difference in my clothes at the lower thigh area right above the knee, so I was not surprised when I measured and learned I lost .75 of an inch off each lower thigh. Wow! Every challenge one of the first places I see a difference is in my face. Within just a couple of weeks, it starts to look less puffy, and this challenge was no exception. T-Tapp truly is “The Workout that Works!”

I also had other positive results. One area I specifically targeted this challenge was an imbalance in my shoulders. My left shoulder has been significantly higher than my right for a while. There was also a lot of tightness in my neck area there as well. I have really been focusing on shoulder rolls. Not only is it feeling less tight, it seems to be lowering and balancing out in the pictures as well. I am so thankful for a release in the tightness and pain!

Other health benefits I’ve experienced since beginning my T-Tapp journey include rehabilitating my shoulder after struggling with bursitis and tendinitis last year, better managing my stress without exhausting my adrenals, swelling and pain in my ankles clearing up, and my personal favorite – sleeping through the night and not waking to use the bathroom once asleep (that one is truly life-changing!!)!

Teresa, thank you for the opportunity to participate and to commit myself to The 60 Day Challenge yet again. The accountability is a real motivator for me, and I am continually blessed by your giving, most generous spirit. Thank you for all you do!