Christy B.

UNDER 50 – More to Lose

Pecs 1
Bust/Chest 1
Ribs 1.25
Waist 2.5
Abs 1
Hips 1.25
Right Upper Thigh 2
Left Upper Thigh 1.75
Right Lower Thigh 0.5
Left Lower Thigh 0.25
Right Calf 0.625
Left Calf 0.125
Right Upper Arm 1
Left Upper Arm 0.625
Total Inches Lost:  14.875


Essay:  If I had to sum up what I learned during the 60 Day Challenge in one sentence it would be: What an amazing program T-Tapp is!! Now wait, don’t stop reading because you think I wrote a brown-nosing statement to win the challenge. I am writing a true statement that I believe from the top of my head to the tips of my toes: all the areas improved by T-Tapp. Truth is life is not predictable, nor does it follow the nice, neat plan we have planned out. My before T-Tapp Challenge plan: do a 1/2 hour to hour T-Tapp workout 6 days a week and walk 10,000 steps everyday. During the challenge reality plan: move everyday, do what you can. If something unplanned happens you can still move. My fitness tracker broke so I couldn’t count my steps, but I could still keep moving!!! T-Tapp is loaded with moves that can be done in short amounts of time: hoe-downs, butterflies, T-Tapp Tuesday moves, and the list goes on. Of course I wanted to do the T-Tapp workouts first and foremost, but sometimes it just didn’t work out that way. I was sure because of this I wouldn’t lose any inches or see any other differences, but it was what it was-it was real life!!! Well…I did lose inches!!! I slept fabulously!!! I had more energy!! I worked with a T-tapp Trainer (Renee). The tips and expertise helped SO MUCH. I learned so much about activation and it increased my motivation. I WANTED to get up and move because T-Tapp is motivating!! Maybe the word to describe T-Tapp should be moveitating: (pronunciation: move it tateing) definition: motivates you to MOVE!!!! I am excited not just for the changes I see already, but for the changes I know I’m going to see. The gift of hope is the biggest gift T-Tapp has given me. Some tests before the challenge, showed my thyroid was not working correctly and my metabolism was barely working. Frustrating. However, here I am feeling better, seeing inch loss and knowing there is a road paved with hope ahead of me. It’s not over, it’s only just begun!!! How do I know my statement at the beginning wasn’t a brown-nosing statement? I know without a doubt because I already am a winner: I am a T-Tapp Challenge Winner because I finished the challenge, I see changes and I’ve got a lifetime ahead of me to keep going!!! Yes, I Can!!!! Thank you for this marvelous, gift that keeps on giving!!!