Denedriane D.

UNDER 50 – Less to Lose

Pecs 0.75
Bust/Chest 0.25
Ribs 1.375
Waist 0.5
Abs 0.5
Hips 1
Right Upper Thigh 1.25
Left Upper Thigh 1
Right Lower Thigh 0.25
Left Lower Thigh 0.75
Right Calf 0.25
Left Calf 0.5
Right Upper Arm 0.25
Left Upper Arm 0.5
Total Inches Lost:  9.125


Essay:   I started the Challenge for me. I had looked at this program for several years. I had purchased the book 4 years ago, and the only moves that I had ever done were the Organs in Place and Half Frogs ☺

Well, this past February I decided to go for it and I placed my order. I kinda fell into the 60-day Challenge, having just received my order days before the start. I was actually just going for the 2 weeks, but ended up signing on for the 60 days.

I am so grateful to God that I did! My journey in T-Tapp began with a better understanding the science and thought behind the whole approach. That made it easier for me to settle in and put in the time to see results. My desire was to be consistent. I kept a journal of what I did, big or small, each day. The Basic Workout Plus became my friend, as well as the YouTube videos of T-Tapp Tuesdays that I would search for and watch ☺ I was so happy to find something that I could do, no matter what the weather outside was, or what I had going on in my day!

I am proud to say that I stayed in the Challenge for the entire 60 days. I lost a little more than 9 inches off my body. I am stronger and my clothes fit differently. My back muscles are stronger, and thusly, my tummy is also. (I have worked thru a DR since birth of first child 21 years ago.) I am amazed at the improvements I see just from the before photos to the after ones. I hold my body differently now, and I know that I am making improvements for life. And yep, I am a T-Tapper for life!

I would love to be a winner of this Challenge. I have put in the work, have seen this program change my body, and I’m encouraged to keep going. I would enjoy the chance to learn more of the techniques, as well as to meet Teresa in person to thank her for T-Tapp. It has truly changed to way I look at getting fit and being in optimal health.

Thank you Teresa for this Challenge, and for creating this program that is impacting my life and many others!