Jillian D.

UNDER 50 – More to Lose

Pecs 1.5
Bust/Chest 4
Ribs 2.5
Waist 3.5
Abs 7
Hips 1.25
Right Upper Thigh 1.5
Left Upper Thigh 1.5
Right Lower Thigh 4.5
Left Lower Thigh 5
Right Calf 0
Left Calf 0
Right Upper Arm -1
Left Upper Arm 0
Total Inches Lost:  32.25


Essay:  My aunt had introduced my mom to T-Tapp and I had heard such positive comments about it from them that I wanted to try it for myself. My workout for the 2017 60 Day Challenge was the 20 minute T-Tapp MORE Workout Level 1. I had the DVD prior to the Challenge and had done the how to video but was yet to workout consistently, so I started the Challenge with 12 days in a row of doing the Workout and immediately noticed differences in how I felt. The Primary Back Stretch felt so great and warmed up my spin like never before, especially at the end of the set reaching down to my calves. Another change that I noticed, which is tricky to describe, is feeling the result of the engagement of the lymphatic system – I had never noticed how swollen the glands in my neck were before and as I went through the Challenge, I was finding that after a day of not doing the workout (or even if I did it the morning the day before and planned to do it the evening of the next day), I would feel the swelling in my neck return and my body would crave the workout.

I kept a journal of my workouts. For the most part I just did the 20 minute work out 4-6 times a week. Sometimes I would add a set of Hoe Downs after lunch or an extra set at the end of the Workout. On a couple occasions I was able to take a walk. I would also sometimes do the Primary Back Stretch in the morning. I typically worked out in the late evening. I would say I made minimal changes aside from adding this workout consistently to my schedule, which for me that alone was quite a feat. But, with a 20 minute workout, it was hard to convince myself I didn’t have time for it!

In the end, my weight didn’t change much. It went up and down a pound or two throughout the Challenge, but the loss in inches (about 33 inches or just over 6% of the total inches) is very encouraging. This Challenge has helped me make a commitment to myself to prioritize my health. I look forward to continuing and building on this experience. Thank you!