Karen S.

OVER 50 – Average to Lose

Pecs 1
Bust/Chest 0.5
Ribs 2
Waist 1.25
Abs 0.25
Hips 1.5
Right Upper Thigh 2
Left Upper Thigh 1.25
Right Lower Thigh -0.5
Left Lower Thigh 0.5
Right Calf 0.5
Left Calf 0.75
Right Upper Arm 1
Left Upper Arm 0.75
Total Inches Lost: 12.75


Essay:  I’m so very glad that I joined the 2017 T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge! It kept me focused on my journey. I started out strong, but did have some setbacks during the 60 days due to work commitments, a foot injury, and some power outages which kept me from working out each day of the challenge, but I did work out each day that I could. I’m not where I want and need to be just yet but am well on my way with a renewed hope and a grateful attitude. I know know that I will be able to do it!. I was able to lose 8.4 pounds and 12.75 inches over the past 60 days even with the setbacks I experienced. My joints don’t hurt, I have more flexibility, and perhaps the coolest part is that my blood pressure is now in very acceptable ranges at low numbers I don’t believe I’ve ever seen before and I’ve been monitoring my BP since 2001. This is so very exciting for me and makes me smile.

In addition to Teresa’s video advice, I have to give so very much credit to my awesome husband for being supportive of me and of my journey toward a healthier me. I’ve always read lots of health-focused magazines and books and have learned what foods work for me and what to avoid. Even though I knew the foods that were good/bad, I was very addicted to sugar – that’s been the hardest thing for me to change, but I’m doing it!

We have always loved to eat out as a social thing and because of our crazy schedules and developed some bad habits with eating out several times per week. We have both put on weight since our marriage in 2015 and realized as a couple that we wanted and needed to live a healthier lifestyle and had to get serious about it because we are not getting any younger and it’s not getting any easier. During the past few weeks, in addition to my T-Tapp workouts, we’ve been cooking at home together, have cut out sugars including sugary drinks and added sugars in our foods, given up all processed foods (potato chips no longer have any hold on us), and have switched to as many organic whole foods as possible. I’ve followed Teresa’s advice concerning the proper foods to eat for my Type A body type and I have learned which foods do and don’t work for me. I avoid the ones that don’t work (dairy, sugars – especially chocolate, starchy veggies – and I loved potatoes, and limited red meats). These changes have been tougher than I imagined, but in addition to the benefits of my T-Tapp workouts, I’m now on the way to my new healthier self and I’m sure I can sustain the momentum now into the future. The future looks bright!