Kerri C.

UNDER 50 – More to Lose

Pecs 2.25
Bust/Chest 2.25
Ribs 2.375
Waist 2
Abs 1.875
Hips 1.75
Right Upper Thigh 1.5
Left Upper Thigh 1.75
Right Lower Thigh 0
Left Lower Thigh -0.375
Right Calf 0.75
Left Calf 0.25
Right Upper Arm 1.5
Left Upper Arm 1.75
Total Inches Lost:  19.625


Essay:  I have been trying to lose weight for about fifteen years. During that time, I have run half marathons, triathlons, and have done countless dvd’s. While enjoyed some of these activities because they were done with others, none of them provided me with the results I received from doing T-Tapp. I basically joined the 60 Day Challenge because I was horribly discouraged that none of my clothes fit, my cholesterol was high, and I knew I needed to take better care of myself. I tried so many things without success and I would have felt guilty to spend more money on exercise products when I had T-Tapp dvd’s that I bought ten years ago that I never even tried. I started out this Challenge believing THIS could be what I needed to finally lose weight, although others around me were skeptical of the “inches lost” claims.

I participated in the two week walking challenge and was amazed that I enjoyed the dvd’s so much! My enthusiasm spilled into my family and occasionally they would t-tapp with me, but they would always encourage me. Realizing how important my health was to my family has made me even more committed to taking good care of myself. During the Walking Challenge I lost 4.4 pounds, and 14.45 inches. I was thrilled with the results, as were the skeptics around me.

The rest of the challenge consisted of doing video’s from Renee’s Recorded Package, Step Away the Inches, Step it to the Max, and the Basic Workout Plus. In the beginning, I was really looking forward to trying new recordings from Renee and I found her classes were excellent. Although I probably never would have tried the stepping videos without the challenge, I found I was missing them when I was doing Renee’s workouts. So I continued to do a combination of Renee’s videos, the stepping dvd’s, and the basic workout dvd, which I also appreciated for so many reasons!

Partway through the challenge I came down with the flu and I am still experiencing asthma as a result of it. I was very disappointed that I could not workout for over three weeks at all! Although I am still not completely better, I have realized that I can do Renee’s chair workout and the Basic Workout Plus as long as I do not do the hoe downs.

In anticipation of this challenge, I gave my mother the Basic Workout Plus dvd for Christmas. I was hoping she would do it with me even though we live hours apart. She has really enjoyed it and when learning how much I gained from the walking dvd’s she bought them. When I was so sick, it made me happy to know that she was benefiting from the program at a time when I could not. It is really a fun topic for us to talk about.

On February 15 I weighed 174 pounds, three pounds more that I weighed after giving birth to my first son. I did not alter my diet at all during this challenge. Today, April 15th, I weigh 161 pounds, thirteen pounds less that when this challenge started two months ago! I have never been able to lose this much weight in sixty days regardless of what kind of workout program or eating plan I was on. In the last sixty days I have lost 20.125 inches! My clothes fit so much better and I feel a lot better. I am sleeping better at night, haven’t gotten a migraine since the beginning of the challenge, have more energy, and I am hopeful that I will eventually make my final weight loss goals. My family has quite a few health issues that I am trying to avoid, so I am still planning to lose an additional 30 pounds. I am looking forward to continuing to T-Tapp. Thank you for providing this free challenge to motivate people like me to make the commitment to take better care of ourselves.