Kimberly F.

OVER 50 – More to Lose

Pecs 2.5
Bust/Chest 0.875
Ribs 1.375
Waist 4.875
Abs 6
Hips -1.25
Right Upper Thigh 0.875
Left Upper Thigh -1.375
Right Lower Thigh 1.25
Left Lower Thigh 0.5
Right Calf -0.25
Left Calf -0.125
Right Upper Arm 0.5
Left Upper Arm 0.5
Total Inches Lost:  16.25


Essay:  WOW! 60 days pass by in a flash! I can’t believe the challenge is over. But truly it has started me on a path of health and happiness.

My journey began with a morning routine of Basic Workout Plus and then body brushing. After that first workout, my whole body was trembling and I was very shaky. I didn’t realize how weak I had become. But I was determined! Each morning I completed the routine successfully. Maybe not all the Hoe Downs but definitely the Basic Workout!

As the days and weeks passed, I found that I was becoming stronger and more balanced. This encouraged me to continue. I didn’t measure myself but I could see and feel changes in my body. I was particularly ecstatic when coworkers began to notice a difference.

Where before I was on a cycle of binge eating and getting depressed, I changed the cycle. My new cycle has become T-tapping, feeling stronger and getting complimented!

However, my growth did not come without trials. In about the 6th week of the challenge my computer decided to stop working. This is the only electronic in the whole house with a DVD player. I was in a panic!! I worked on resolving the computer issues but it took a few days to fix. In the interim, because I had completed the routine so many times and had counted
(out loud) along with Teresa, I could actually complete the Basic Workout Plus by reciting (out loud) exactly the instructions that Teresa gave! Not that I was an expert by any means but at least it got me through until I could use the actual DVD.
One of my goals during the challenge was to lower my blood pressure. With medication it would always runs about 143/90. Although I am still on medication, my blood pressure today is measuring about 123/85 – a significant decrease!
From the moment I discovered T-tapp, I have always known that this was what I needed to have a healthy body. Completing the 60 day challenge successfully speaks volumes to the power in 15 minutes a day! For the first time since I started the challenge, I measured myself. From my calculations, I have lost over 17 inches overall. I can’t believe it! I feel so accomplished and proud!
As I said before, this is my path. Thank you Teresa for making my journey more enjoyable and successful! I know continuing my T-tapp routine and trying more workouts will only contribute to my long term goal of a happy and healthy life style.