Anita K.

UNDER 50 – Average to Lose

Pecs 0.375
Bust/Chest 1.25
Ribs 1.5
Waist 1.75
Abs 3.625
Hips 2.125
Right Upper Thigh 0.625
Left Upper Thigh 1
Right Lower Thigh 0
Left Lower Thigh 0.5
Right Calf 0.625
Left Calf 0.625
Right Upper Arm 0.375
Left Upper Arm 0
Total Inches Lost:  14.375


Essay: Hi!
I’m Anita K. from Hungary. Thank you to announce this 60-day challenge! (And I’ sorry for my horrible English!)
This 60 days are for me a part an longer progress. I’ve met T-Tapp last autumn first time and I did 10 days only hoe down 3times a day. It was really resultful for me – I’ve lost 43 cm (16,5 inches) during those 10 days. Of course, I’ve don’t stopped. I’ve continued T-Tapp workouts during the autumn ant winter… aaand I’ve heard about this challenge only 2-3 days before the registry… so it was a quick decision for me to take part!

I’ve searched for more videos on Youtube and I’ve contactes Anna Szabó-Nagy, the only one T-Tapp trainer in Hungary. She helped me on choosing exercises and gave tips and isnructions to make the workout the best way. I’ve tried lots of workouts for my back fat, my arm, my belly, legs, neck. My favourite workouts are the butterfly, the ladybug, the trim the triceps, the jumping jack and the dive derriere. Anna has lended me a longer workout, Walk away inches so the last 2 weeks I’ve also walked.
I’ve written daily notes about my workouts, I’ve documented my progression and my daily routin as well. So, I have a wonderful scrapbook-journal about this 60 days.

I’ll continue my way with your wonderful exercises. I’m full with enegry, I have no more pains in my back, I have muscles (biceps and triceps) is my arms, I have much smaller belly, and longer neck 🙂 Yes, my neck is so strong! Finally I can use my tummy muscle on the floor without pain in my neck!
Teresa, thank you!