Kristin G.

UNDER 50 – Health Improvements

Pecs 4.25
Bust/Chest 4.375
Ribs 3.25
Waist 1.825
Abs 2.625
Hips 0.375
Right Upper Thigh 0.25
Left Upper Thigh 0.375
Right Lower Thigh 0.25
Left Lower Thigh 0.625
Right Calf 0.45
Left Calf 0.325
Right Upper Arm 1
Left Upper Arm 0.75
Total Inches Lost:  20.725


Essay:  I have attempted the 60-day challenge several times before and this is my first time actually submitting the after photos. Less than a year ago I developed hypothyroidism a few months after the birth of my second child. I had a dozen thyroid nodules flare up which led me to do an overhaul on my diet. After losing 35 pounds, reducing my thyroid goiter with the exception of the nodule that is suspicious of cancer, and going from a size 12 to a size 8, my weight loss plateaued as well as my interest in being on a really restrictive diet. The 60-day challenge came around at the perfect time this year for me to re-commit to my health.
While I intended to eat well during the entire 60-day challenge, my commitment to eating well didn’t really go as planned. I indulged in pizza and ice cream a few too many times. Thankfully, I did commit to doing T-Tapp. The first two weeks I did SATI, and after that I added in BWO+. Towards the end I did add in some Broom, TWO and TWO Tempo, but I found that the shorter workouts were a little easier for me to convince myself to get up and accomplish. I mixed in some additional moves like OIP and HD a couple of times a week. I am amazed to say that I saw all of this inch loss without losing a single pound! I owe it all to T-Tapp!!!

As a girl that has always been top-heavy, it is so exciting to see my figure get more balanced. I lost so many inches off of my chest and back I can’t believe it!

In addition to feeling better in my own skin, I saw an increase in the production of my T3 thyroid hormone for the first time since beginning this journey. I also noticed significant improvements in my posture and spinal health. While my hips and shoulders still have a little more work before they are perfectly aligned, I no longer stand with my left foot 3 inches in front of my right foot! I was also busy chopping vegetables in the kitchen the other night and my back started hurting horribly. Normally I would have to sit down for a while and would have this happen several nights in a row before I would default to chiropractic visits again. Instead, I did a quick PBS right there in the kitchen and heard several pops. I immediately felt more comfortable and by the time I sat down for dinner I had no more back pain! I couldn’t believe it!

Thank you Teresa! I am excited to keep tapping away for even more inch loss, weight maintenance, and health benefits!
P.S. My apologies on the before photo. I went to acupuncture before the competition and she did ‘cupping’ on me, which apparently leaves a lot of bruising!