Linda O.

OVER 50 – Health Improvements

Pecs 0.375
Bust/Chest -1.875
Ribs 0.75
Waist 1.75
Abs 1
Hips 0
Right Upper Thigh -0.25
Left Upper Thigh 0
Right Lower Thigh -0.125
Left Lower Thigh -0.125
Right Calf -0.125
Left Calf -0.125
Right Upper Arm 0.875
Left Upper Arm 1.125
Total Inches Lost:  3.5


Essay:  I began this Challenge with the 2-week walking workout, and then I progressed onto using other workouts for the remaining 6 weeks, including First Steps Fascia Fitness Level 4 (4-day bootcamp), Tempo Lower Body Standing (4-day bootcamp), Broom 2, Posture Power Sculpt, Fascia Fitness Retreat Workout, & Tempo Arms.  At the very end, I incorporated some functional fitness techniques, as gardening season began.  I also rotated in the walking workouts, on some days.  I was determined to do most/all of my workouts outside, and I was doing the challenge with my youngest daughter (14).  We endured rain, snow, heavy winds, and even a thunderstorm, but we did it!  Only one evening did I work out inside.  Most of our workouts were done in the mid-afternoon, and we only missed a very few days throughout the entire challenge.  I was very pleased with our commitment and consistency during this challenge, and I think that was especially important for me during this health season that I am in.  I also skin brushed every day (except for a few), and I applied the new CRT Supreme techniques, along with the moisturizing methods daily.  I really do see a big improvement in the cellulite that I was noticing on the front of my legs, probably due to toxicity that I will explain.  I am very pleased with this, and I admit that I didn’t expect to see such a change during this period of time.  I did not think it was possible for me, honestly.

I am detoxifying from heavy metal toxicity after my very recent dental amalgam removals.  As the metals that have been stored in the brain and tissues for 40+ years were released into the bloodstream, I was having very adverse affects on my hormones, neurotransmitters (anxiety/depression), blood sugar, adrenals, circadian rhythm (I was requiring 10-12 hours of sleep for recovery), and other areas of my body.  Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the winter months wasn’t helping the situation.  I was not only pleased, but extremely surprised and thrilled, at how I did a turn-around in all areas within just 2 weeks of the T-Tapp walking workouts only!  It was truly amazing, and I am so grateful.  I was also working on cellulite (from years of toxicity), slight right shoulder pronation, a very cold right hand at times, a recurrent chronic virus, auto-immune Hashimotos (in remission), hyperthermia in T2, slight muscle imbalances, overall muscle toning and specific target areas of abs, arms, and inner thighs.  I was also trying to regain confidence after this bad bout of heavy metal toxicity (and concern about making commitments), as well as failing eyesight after the amalgam removals.  I had a lot to work on, but I was going to use my energy wisely and not burn out my already-taxed adrenals.

For the first 2 weeks, I did only 2 workouts: Posture Power Walk and Step It To The Max wearing Chung Shi shoes..  I did no workouts on the first and last days, and I did dry skin brushing every day.  This was with Teresa’s original CRT brushing instructions, as I did not order the Supreme CRT sequence until the end, and I was able to do it once in the 2 weeks.  My workouts were all done outside somewhere between 2pm and 5pm CST.  I took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather during that time.  For many months prior to this, I was walking outside only, not doing any T-Tapp workouts at all, due to the stress on my body.

My challenge started with 6 days of Posture Power Walk, and I realized how disconnected by body had become neuro-kenetically.  After my second day, my mood was significantly improved to the point that my husband asked me that evening if I’d had caffeine.  No, I had not and generally don’t do that due to adrenal problems.  I was waking up more rested, which was not my norm at all, and the recurring night sweats were going away!  And the most amazing thing was that, somewhat by faith, I decided to offer a T-Tapp Health Challenge Advance group coaching class for those interested in improving their health along with me.  What this means is that I put myself back out there and made a commitment (which I had been reluctant to do for quite a while, due to the health concerns), and I was able to feel good again, regain confidence, and help others, which always invigorates me.  It was such a delight to be able to see others advance in their health and fitness goals, just like I was.  It wasn’t caffeine that was making me seem so full of life, it was my emotional and physical turn-arounds and my regained confidence to do the work I love.  I was SO thankful.

By the third day of Poster Power Walk, I was able to feel the good tingling running down into my right hand (which relieved the coldness I had been experiencing) and my mood and hormones continued to improve.  Although I was taking bio-identical hormones, they didn’t seem to be doing their jobs before, but now I saw good changes happening.  I was awakening requiring less sleep, and I could tell that my serotonin was rising (I also have genetic neurotransmitter disorders). I recognized, also, that my neck position had become sub-optimal.  By day 4 of PPW, I felt more connected with my neck and ankles and began to focus on some hip turnout on the warmup, as I realized that my right hip was slightly rotating inward.  I was also standing taller and beginning to sweat a little.  Due to toxicity, I wasn’t sweating much on my own.  I also felt a little tingling in my left hand, which was a pleasant surprise.  My biggest surprise on this day, though, was that I could see!  It took me a while to realize that I did not need my glasses (or my children as my eyes) to read my papers or my computer.  I was ecstatic, and this lasted until sometime that evening, when it became blurrier again.  I had created my own eye “exercises” using T-Tapp-type principles, as well as making my own oxygenating eye drops.  Were my eyes detoxing?  Perhaps.  I will continue to experiment with this because it was so encouraging, and I am determined to consistently regain my vision. I did have one other day later in the challenge when this clear vision occurred again, and I have since felt that my overall vision has improved, but I still notice fluctuations from day to day.

On day 8 of the challenge, my 7th workout day, I switched to the full Step It To The Max (SITTM) because I felt more connected and energetic and able to handle it.  The next day, I could not believe it, but my triceps were tightening. They had been sorely neglected for quite some time.  I also started to think about belly button in and up on every side leg lift.  That’s a lot of work!  The next day, I did SITTM again, but I was feeling a bit tired.  It was Friday night, and I went out to eat with my husband, which I rarely ever do.  The next day it was SITTM again, but now I was feeling more fatigued, possibly from eating the foods from the night before, so I only did Posture Power Walk for the next day couple of days, along with some leg lifts.  Then I realized what was happening (on day 13) to probably cause the fatigue.  The chronic virus was surfacing, and I had a few sores in my mouth and maybe one spot on my arm.  The great thing is that I had bounced back by the next day, so the whole thing only affected me slightly for maybe 4 days!  I called that success, and I was able to detoxify from that quickly while I was doing the walking workouts.  I also noticed that a lipoma on my left lower inner thigh was no longer noticeable visually or by touch. It had shrunk considerably.  That wasn’t even on my list!

I honestly can saw that the results of the walking challenge alone took me by surprise in just about every way.  I was not one to use the T-Tapp walking workouts much at all before, for whatever reason. But I think they were just the right choice to help ease me back into things during this severe detoxification period.  The results were far beyond anything that I could have imagined.  Oh, and yes, I even lost and reshuffled a few inches…all for the better.  I can’t wait to compare my before and after photos to see just what did occur physically, besides all of the obvious health improvements that I experienced.  The power and simplicity of walking, especially with T-Tapp principles, appears to be a great choice for anyone wanting to get started (or re-started) with their fitness routines and for anyone wanting to balance hormones and streamline their detoxification channels to experience greater health.

As the challenge continued with my variety of other workouts, I experienced a couple more successes.  I was able to discontinue the use of an herbal supplement, as well as cut down on a medication–both were related to sleep.  I was glad for that!

In time, I realized that my right hip actually had a slight pronation, so I put more attention on that for the rest of the challenge.  This was probably contributing to the muscular imbalances that I saw in my torso at the beginning of the challenge (in the Before photos). When I was doing Tempo Lower Body standing, I had a little trouble with balance on Thread the Needle on one side, until the 4th day of the bootcamp, when I also put more focus on securing the glutes.  I knew not to squeeze them, but I think I wasn’t tightening them enough during the standing workout to get the full activation either.  So that was another modification and focus.  I soon began to notice less wiggle on my legs, in general, during kickouts, too!  And one of my favorite moves to add to any workout was lots of clap-aways.  I am sure that this was part of my triceps getting into better shape, and the difference was very noticeable to me.

Towards the end of the challenge, I did experience some minor heavy metal dumping (stored metals coming out of tissues to be removed).  I was pleased to get over those periods pretty quickly and uneventfully, as in the past, those dumps could knock me out for months.  I am convinced that using T-Tapp movement during this detoxification season has been, and will continue to be, a life-saver for me.  And, I even lost several inches throughout the challenge and firmed up places that needed it.  This challenge was particularly meaningful to me, as I feel that it was my mainstay throughout what could have been very rocky times.  The emotional stability that it gave me was more important to me than any inch loss, but I’ll take all of the benefits that T-Tapp and mindful movement offers.  It’s all good!