Liz F.

OVER 50 – Less to Lose

Pecs 0
Bust/Chest 0
Ribs 0
Waist 0.5
Abs 0.5
Hips 0
Right Upper Thigh -0.5
Left Upper Thigh 0
Right Lower Thigh 0
Left Lower Thigh 0
Right Calf 0
Left Calf 0
Right Upper Arm 0.25
Left Upper Arm 0
Total Inches Lost:  0.75


Essay: This has been a very good 60 Day Challenge for me! When I saw my after pictures I felt like, for the first time ever, that my body finally looks evenly proportioned rather than pear shaped. This is huge for me–I am now wearing the same size on the bottom that I’ve always worn on the top, when I have historically always worn one size larger on the bottom. My changes may appear subtle on this 51 yr. old pre-menopausal body but they are many. I feel better in so many ways that I was really surprised it didn’t show up more in my measurements! My posture is so much better, I feel a lot of gain in strength from my shoulders to my upper thighs, my clothing is fitting so much better, I’ve dropped some weight and yet my upper body, which usually can get too thin looking, has kept more muscle and balance.

Everything I have gained I know I will keep–that’s something I really love about participating in the 60 Day Challenge–it’s like it’s just a concentarated boost in my overall long term progressive improvement from consistently doing Ttapp. Since the end of last year’s challenge I am down 4 1/2 lbs. and 6 inches. So it’s very encouraging to me to see long term incremental tightening and shrinking! I hope to, like Teresa, just continue to get better as I get older. Where else can you find an expectation of that??
I worked out 5-6 days/week alternating PPW, BWO, TWO, SATI, Core Floor, BBFF, HTF Tempo, and Senior Fit. I loved adding PPW and Core Floor to my repertoire. I’ve been adding a couple new workouts every year and I usually like to focus on them during the challenge to really learn them. PPW is my new favorite! I was amazed at how much it worked out my upper body and how good it made me feel! It’s an extremely energizing workout for me! For a period of 11 days during the Challenge I was on vacation and I just walked outside every day using the PPW priniciples–it was wonderful! I taught my husband “ribs up”, “curl core”, and “shoulders back” as we walked together and he could really feel the difference!
Thank you again for this challenge and your wonderful workouts, Teresa! I would love to win and come to your lovely retreat!