Lourdes C.

OVER 50 – Health Improvements

Pecs 2.5
Bust/Chest 2
Ribs 3
Waist 3.5
Abs 2.5
Hips 3.25
Right Upper Thigh 2
Left Upper Thigh 2.5
Right Lower Thigh 0.75
Left Lower Thigh 0.75
Right Calf 0
Left Calf 0
Right Upper Arm 1.5
Left Upper Arm 1.5
Total Inches Lost:  25.75


Essay:  I barely remember the day I registered for this Ttapp challenge. I only knew, that it was imperative; a life and death matter. I was in such pain: my feet had been feeling as if they were in a press being pulled and twisted. The shoulder, the hips. The inflammation had gotten a hold of my body and it was not fun. Just for today, I would think, as I hit the play button to mostly HHMM. Kind of short, but intense. Where had my strength gone? Rough. I knew I had to get going. I had faith, along with the pain that continued to accompany me. Having divorced from gluten started making a difference. Turmeric tea helped too. Vividly remember when tricep woke up. Hmm!!! Progress has seemed slow, but consistency has bared fruit. During the last three weeks I have graduated to a potpourri of workouts that have continued to challenge me more and more. Speaking of More! OMG, I’d totally forgotten it is a Mega killer wrkout, but also discovered that I can’t hold hip immobile, so, I plied instead of holding stance. Many wins in this challenge. Consistency, new strength, progress, and completing a goal. I am enjoying my new shape and my better able body that doesn’t hurt so much anymore. Yes, I can!