Maria O.

UNDER 50 – Less to Lose

Pecs -0.25
Bust/Chest -0.75
Ribs 1
Waist 1.75
Abs -1.25
Hips 0.375
Right Upper Thigh -1.375
Left Upper Thigh -1.75
Right Lower Thigh -0.625
Left Lower Thigh -1
Right Calf -0.5
Left Calf -0.5
Right Upper Arm -0.625
Left Upper Arm -0.25
Total Inches Lost:  -5.75


Essay:  Beginning this T-Tapp challenge I completed the two-week walking workout. This involved exercising nearly everyday for 45 minutes to an hour. My favorite walking workout was Posture Power Walk.

I enjoyed doing the workouts outside with my dogs, rabbit, cat, and chickens. We (my mom and I) even braved through the rain and snow!

I also did the Torso Arm workout a few times, as well as the First Step Fascia Fitness 4. Some other workouts I did included First Step Fascia Fitness 3, Broom 2, Lower Body Standing, Step it to the Max, and I sometimes went walking out in the country.

During this challenge I was introduced a new concept—hips turned out. It helps me to keep my knees out and ankles up, improving my ankle and foot arch strength. Because my arches are pretty flat, the flexibility in my feet and ankles is limited. I am improving my flexibility by circling my ankles in and out, like I learned on the stretching parts of one of the workouts. Before I started this, I could barely draw a circle with my toe on my left foot. There is much improvement now.

I also started working on keeping my neck back and strengthening my muscles there. I tend to have my head forward, and my neck goes out of place easily. The neck exercises from First Steps should help.

Overall, I gained inches during the challenge, but I am still growing quite a bit.  I think that the exercises helped my body to increase in a good way, and I feel like I am getting stronger.