Monica L.


Pecs 3.5
Bust/Chest 3
Ribs 2.5
Waist 1
Abs 0.75
Hips 1
Right Upper Thigh 1.5
Left Upper Thigh 2.75
Right Lower Thigh 2.5
Left Lower Thigh 1.5
Right Calf 0.75
Left Calf 0.5
Right Upper Arm 1
Left Upper Arm 1.25
Total Inches Lost:  23.5


Essay:  What can I say, but TTapp works! The walking challenge helped me lose over 13 inches doing ten SATI workouts over the fourteen days. In week three, I only did four SATI workouts. Weeks four and five, I became exhausted because of late night talks with my newly-engaged son and my college aged son, a reaction to paint smells, stress, and probably overdoing the workouts. SATI was replaced by many naps to help my adrenals. That is when Trisch’s Diastasis Recti class started and my focus was on her assignments. In week six I wanted to get going again, but I took it easy by only doing around ten minutes of SATI every other day along with Trisch’s assignments. Weeks seven and eight, I started my adrenal suppliments and found the energy to do the full SATI five times. Even with doing less than planned, I ended up loosing 23.5 inches overall. The biggest loss in one area was from rib to waist which isn’t measured.

The biggest health improvement was the area of my back that was injured from an epidural over twenty years ago. Last fall, I wasn’t sure I could even pick up my three month old grandbaby because of the back spasms I was having. Stepping fully into the heel and the other techniques that Teresa does in SATI made my back adjust, the muscles lengthen, and the spasms and pain are gone. My upper back and my knees that were injured in a car accident two years ago are stronger, too.

The dry brushing and losing from rib to waist are helping me breathe deeply again and making my asthma so much better. My stomach lost an inch in the beginning, but I now know I need to heal the diastasis recti to lose more. With Trisch’s class, the gap has closed from 6 fingers to almost 4 fingers. My stomach fat is softening and shifting even though the pictures can’t show it very well.

Thank you, Teresa, for a program that works even when I needed to do less because of life and a tired body. Now I’m off to play with my grandbaby and buy a smaller dress for that wedding!