Nurit N.

OVER 50 – Less to Lose

Pecs 2.5
Bust/Chest 3
Ribs 2.5
Waist 3
Abs 3
Hips 3
Right Upper Thigh 2
Left Upper Thigh 2
Right Lower Thigh 2
Left Lower Thigh 2
Right Calf 2
Left Calf 2
Right Upper Arm 2
Left Upper Arm 2.5
Total Inches Lost:  33.5


Essay: T-Tapp has been my only physical activity for the last 10 years. It is the best tool I have ever encountered for anti-aging, for shaping and for health in general. It is so much more than a workout. I have no doubt that T-Tapp, along with the right nutrition, has been keeping me fit, young, balanced mentally and physically, energetic and healthy. The first challenge I participated in was in 2013. I started it with size 12 and lost 2 sizes, and have been keeping size 8 since then. At the age of almost 74, thank God and thank T-Tapp, I don’t have to cope with health issues. Even my bone density is in the normal range, after it had been quite low before I started T-Tapp.

For the last 4 years I attended the retreats successively in a row. I have always looked forward to participating in this amazing events. I feel nourished by the outstanding warm, supportive community and by the meaningful connections and friendships for life I have made there. The experience of meeting with Teresa and with T-Tappers, along with the new tips I get there each year, have been giving me so much inspiration, joy and an opportunity to grow.

The 2017 T-Tapp challenge has found me in the middle of some life challenges, and also put me in a dilemma: I have been T-Tapping consistently 4-5 days a week before the challenge started. I have been eating clean and healthy for years. I wear size 6-8 and I am finally happy with my weight and my look. All my life I wanted to be thinner but now I feel an identity change, which is a big attitude shift for me. I am not aiming to lose more weight. T-Tapp helped me to reach my goal, physically and mentally. I love feeling strong and energetic in my daily activities. Now my challenge was what else can I do in order to shift to a higher level with this amazing tool?

To exercise more? May be, but I am not sure. We all know that less is more with T-Tapp.
To eat less? Impossible to be done at the moment while going through some stressful situations in my life.

The solution that occurred to me was to go on with my previous effective plan, but in addition, to sneak in T-Tapp into my daily routine.

So here is how the current challenge plan looks: Five to six days a week, at 06:30 A.M, I have been exercising with my T-Tapper friend and neighbor Noa. We continued to focus on form. We have been alternating different DVDs and especially the streaming – Fascia and Fusion (Sunday wrap up from 2016 retreat). We also did More 2, TBT standing and floor, Brain Body, SF, TLB, SS. Besides, along the days I have had reminders on my iPhone and computer to stop my activity when it was possible and to do several moves, like PBS, balance, clapping away, butterfly, HDs, stretches, etc, with paying a special attention to activating the lats, hips, ribs up, knees out and toes up. Even while driving I was mindful of my posture (Ribs up and belly to the spine). I also participated in my friend master trainer Gergana’s 60 day challenge guide, which was very helpful, experiential and knowledgeable.

The end results were a huge surprise for me. I measured myself only at day 60, the last day, and was shocked to see 29 inches gone. I saw it in my look before but still seeing the numbers was astonishing. The decision to sneak in T-Tapp moves into my day with the precise form turned out to be the right one, especially since I have succeeded to lose these 29 inches without losing weight. It also helped me to better manage stress. So, T-Tapp is always a win-win situation, with so many amazing benefits. I feel so lucky and I am so thankful for incorporating this heavenly gift into my life. Thank you Teresa, for being such an angelic messenger.