Sarah N.

UNDER 50 – Less to Lose

Pecs -1.5
Bust/Chest -0.5
Ribs -0.25
Waist -0.25
Abs -0.5
Hips 0.5
Right Upper Thigh -0.5
Left Upper Thigh -0.25
Right Lower Thigh 1.75
Left Lower Thigh 1.5
Right Calf -0.75
Left Calf -0.75
Right Upper Arm -0.5
Left Upper Arm -0.75
Total Inches Lost:  -2.75


Essay:  After being a little disappointed with not a lot of inch loss from the 2 week walking challenge, I made it my goal to really work on my form and activating my muscle more, especially using my lats.  Boy did I find them this go round!  My goal was to do HHMM or Ladybug 4-5 times a week, and BBFF Sequence 2, focusing on getting rid of a little bit of pudge in my problem areas and building muscle, but life has a funny way of changing plans.  Dealing with new changes in our household, new trials with family and keeping 6 equines in line made finding the time to get a good workout in slightly hard some days.  My mom (who also was entered in the challenge along with my sister.) showed us the First Step workout and while I’d done it before with Renee and at the 2016 SH Retreat, being re-introduced to it made me fall in love with it all over again.  While I didn’t have much inch loss (not that I needed to lost much in the first place), I tightened and toned, and gained a good bit of muscle, which I’m thrilled about!


Last year during the challenge I was experiencing horrible symptoms during my menstural cycles, to the point where I was recliner bound for a few days at a time.  They steadly got better as the challenge went on.  This year has been SO much better, and I’m able to be up and around doing my normal routine without having any nausea or bad cramping.  If either of those rear their ugly head, Tap It Hoedowns has been my go to to help alleviate the pain.  The stretch and motions feels so nice on my achy abdomen!  I’ve also been dealing with a thyroid issue the past few years, and these workouts along with suppliments has made a big difference in my energy level and brain fog.  It’s encouraging for me to know that through the different moves in the TTapp workouts, I can help my body help itself regulate and heal.  I also take alfalfa regularly and have noticed a difference in my skin, hair and nails.


My sister and I have gotten back in the habit of riding 2-3 times a week, some days bareback just training on the flat, and others in the saddle working on our jumping.  The days we ride bareback usually end up in sore, tired legs but incorperating the Broom Workout has made a huge difference in the fatigue.  It’s also helped me to remember ribs up! while riding as I have a tendancy to slump a little in the saddle.  I’m also able to trim hooves on 5 out of our 6 in lesser time than normal thanks to having built up thigh muscles and hip movement range.

My clothes didn’t become any looser during this challenge like they had in the past, but they fit differently in a good way.  Clothes shopping has become a little less of a headache and I don’t mind trying jeans and shorts on like I used to.