Sonia S.

OVER 50 – Health Improvements

Pecs 0.75
Bust/Chest 0.875
Ribs 0.375
Waist 1
Abs 1.25
Hips 1
Right Upper Thigh 0.75
Left Upper Thigh 0.75
Right Lower Thigh 1
Left Lower Thigh 1
Right Calf 0.75
Left Calf 0.5
Right Upper Arm 0.375
Left Upper Arm 0.25
Total Inches Lost:  10.625


Essay: I have dealt with extreme Adrenal Fatigue the last 2 ½ years. In the beginning (at my very worst), I slept all the time. It has been a very difficult period in my life because I had no energy to do anything. I also experienced brain fog and depression, and as a result of the lack of activity I gained 21 pounds. Carrying this excess weight was hard because I’m petite and only 5’3” tall. Fortunately, by the time I started the 60-Day challenge I had lost 4 pounds from the beginning of the year by doing T-Tapp and some walking whenever I could muster up the energy. I can’t tell you how hard it is to exercise when you have Adrenal Fatigue because you don’t feel like doing anything let alone exercising.

My main reasons for doing this 60-Day Challenge was to eliminate brain fog, obtain mental clarity, and bring my energy level back to normal. I considered any weight loss and inch loss a bonus. Heck, I was just trying to get my health back and live a normal life. Because you can easily exercise too much when you have Adrenal Fatigue, my workouts consisted of just 3 workouts: Basic Workout, Healthy Hormones Menopause Management and Step Away the Inches. I added in short walks when I could.

I found out if I had no energy at all to do anything, that if I could just do the Primary Back Stretch, that alone could sometimes get me out of the brain fog. I discovered if that was the only T-Tapp move I could that for the day, it enabled me to function better.

Everyday I would get terrible brain fog and act like a zombie. The brain fog could last 3-4 hours to all day. Despite the crippling brain fog, I would eventually get myself to do a T-Tapp workout in the late afternoon. Almost always it seem to lift me out of it! I couldn’t workout any earlier in the day because my fatigue was at its worst – but I knew that if I could muster up the energy to do T-Tapp, I knew I would feel better. And I did!

I am so grateful for this challenge because it provided me the motivation to do T-Tapp consistently. I am happy to say that I only missed 10 days, which is not bad for a person recovering from severe Adrenal Fatigue.

As I am writing this, I have to ask myself how am I doing now? Remarkably, the severity of my brain fog episodes has decreased as well as the duration. Am I totally cured? No, but I’m doing so much better. With the decrease of brain fog, I have more mental clarity and most importantly energy to do normal everyday things such as grocery shopping and cooking. Today, I was out for most of the day and I only experienced an hour or so of slight fatigue. No crash!

I did get my BONUS – a loss of 11 inches and 5 pounds. However, I want to emphatically state the most important thing of this journey was that T-Tapp has helped me on my recovery from Adrenal Fatigue and is still continuing to do so as I reach full recovery status. I have my secret weapon now, the primary back stretch, to get me out of a funk in a cinch.